82% of 6th Graders that don’t Pass English – Don’t Graduate High School

I love my Job, I get to talk with educators to help them increase student growth and personalize learning.  I remember the days in school when I felt shoved forward through a learning progression even if I wasn't ready for the next level.  I hope to stop that and help students find their success through their … Continue reading 82% of 6th Graders that don’t Pass English – Don’t Graduate High School

Parenting Tip From Genesis

We all know the story of Cain and Abel.  It's the first murder in the Bible, and its cause was jealousy, anger, and self-righteousness. Able gave God his first and best, Cain gave too,  but without much effort.  Ever see your children do the same?  Well, while reading this story, the other day verse 6-7 … Continue reading Parenting Tip From Genesis

Home, Sweat Pants, and Foreshadowing

I'm like a stubborn kid hanging from the monkey bars making excuses like Moses to not fulfill my calling. Comfort and control are my two favorite things.  Lucky me, I work from home and spend my days in my sweatpants.  This is especially convenient since it's a windchill of -12 degrees outside. Do you remember … Continue reading Home, Sweat Pants, and Foreshadowing

Taco Burger – Huge Hit

To make the burger patties I  took Stewart Grass Fed Beef and combined it with Taco Seasoning and shredded cheese.  By putting the cheese inside the burger it allowed me to add more of the other toppings. To make the burgers  I used a cast iron skillet on the stove because it was way too … Continue reading Taco Burger – Huge Hit

Swallowing Pride often gets stuck in my throat… Doing the ‘Death Crawl’

There are few things more sobering than reading a book where one of your 'not so good traits' is being explained in negative detail.  Well, in reading "Wife after God" the other day I was very convicted as she told a story about a husband and wife in the middle of an argument.  Doors slamming … Continue reading Swallowing Pride often gets stuck in my throat… Doing the ‘Death Crawl’

3 Things I leared about being ‘average’

Who wouldn't want to build a spaceship out of a box to watch the movie Space Jam?  My daughter cracks me up with the things she comes up with.  She once wore workout gloves, fairy wings, and a bike helmet grocery shopping just to make it fun, boy was it ever!  Best time I've ever … Continue reading 3 Things I leared about being ‘average’

The 99 & A Mouth Filter

Confession of a striver - I take life way too seriously! Watched the movie School of Life the other day with the kids.  There was a scene where the coach of the basketball team - played by Ryan Renalds - decides that if they are going to be a team that loses all the time, … Continue reading The 99 & A Mouth Filter

Why Love is better than WiFi

Happy Valentines Day!  Researchers have shown that over half of us crave internet access more than chocolate, alcohol, and sex.   So, if looking for the best valentines day gift, it's none of the above, it's wifi.  How convenient for all of you who are last minute shopping for the best gift.  Just find a place … Continue reading Why Love is better than WiFi

6 Ways Being a Mom Makes You a Great Leader

Leadership is having a vision, sharing that vision and inspiring others to support your vision while creating their own. - Mindy Gibbins-Klein Being a mom is a tough job, being a mom and a stepmom is the hardest job I've ever had.  Through cleaning up puke, teaching responsibility, pushing away bad dreams and helping with mean … Continue reading 6 Ways Being a Mom Makes You a Great Leader