Ep. #3: How Pride Stops us From Reaching Our Purpose

Hello, friends and welcome to the broken blended and blessed podcast where you’ll anchor your worth in Godly truth to heal your brokenness, blend your family and count the blessing within the chaos.  I’m your host Tiffany Stewart and you’re listening to Episode 3


Today we’ll talk about Pridefulness – trust me if you think this is something your spouse should listen to you and not you… Think again.  I use to think I wasn’t prideful. Now I do the death crawl of faith… I’ll explain why in this episode and. How we can be humbly confident plus I”ll share the continued work of a mouth filter for both the stuff that goes in and the stuff that comes out.

To view the video I talk about today Death Crawl

Thank you for joining me!  If there are topics you’d like me to cover – please let me know also, don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast on iTunes.  It will bring more people to hear God’s healing and saving power.

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