Ep. #5: Fitness Industry Lies (Part 1/8)

Hello, friends and welcome to the broken blended and blessed podcast where you’ll anchor your worth in Godly truth to heal your brokenness, blend your family and count the blessing within the chaos.


Revelation Wellness – you can also find her podcast in iTunes.

Today’s Topics:

  • The Pressure I felt in the Fitness world to be perfect if I was going to be a personal trainer
  • The three things I did to find my real wellness and health
  • The top 10 lies the Fitness Industry tells us – do you believe any of them?
  • What can you do starting today to apply the right fitness for you and your life




Published by Anchored Female wellness

This is a place where you will find paths to heal your heart, renew your mind, and begin to live more wholly and loved. You can work with me to enhance your relationships, parenting skills, career goals, personalize nutrition, customize your fitness plans and so much more.

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