Ep. # 7 How Emotions Impact Our Waistlines (Part 3/8)

Hello, friends and welcome to the broken blended and blessed podcast where you’ll anchor your worth in Godly truth to heal your brokenness, blend your family and count the blessing within the chaos.  You’ll be listening to episode 7 and part 3 of the total wellness series.

In today’s episode, You’ll learn about the impact your emotions have on your waistline and overall health.   I’ll also be sharing my personal struggles through my emotion wellness and the places I’m finding strength and nourishment to carry on with emotional strength even in the hard moments.



In Today’s Episode you’ll learn:

  • How to teach our children emotional health
  • Where emotions take us if we don’t have them under control
  • How to improve your health by improving your emotion control
  • How emotions are connected to your waistline
  • Where to find the superpower ability to control emotions
  • How to improve your emotional wellness by taking just a few steps

If anyone has any good life hacks – please share, I’ll use them and mention you in upcoming podcasts. Thank you for sharing and listening!

Published by Anchored Female wellness

This is a place where you will find paths to heal your heart, renew your mind, and begin to live more wholly and loved. You can work with me to enhance your relationships, parenting skills, career goals, personalize nutrition, customize your fitness plans and so much more.

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