Doubt You Don’t Own Me

Each book I pick up I ask god to get personal with me and teach me the lesson he desires me to learn from it.

Sometimes I love the lesson he teaches and I feel on cloud nine – other times he asks me to unpack some heavy stuff, to get dirty, cry, unpack more but at the end I’m standing tall with Him by my side saying “doesn’t it feel better to not carry that anymore?”

billy graham quote

Life can often seem very discouraging. One thing after another can build up and have us looking around wondering if anything is going right.

Recently I’ve felt that way, discouraged and heavy hearted wondering why I can’t seem to get things right. Those are lies/weapons being formed against me to stunt my Christina growth.

It’s hard to see them for lies though when the doubt is overbearing!

I read my bible app often, even downloaded a memory one in hopes to fill my mind with scripture to overcome the battles that wage against me day and night.

The verses helped put truth over my doubts and fears. I know I’m winning when Satan is trying to spin scripture to put me in shame and increased discouragement and doubt.

It takes true discernment and strength to know the difference between the power of God breathed scripture and Satan putting his evil twist on it.

I have now organized my memory verse app by topic. If I am feeling weak I will search my bible app for divine power or go to the section I created called divine power and read the truth about my weakness.

“My strength is made known on your weakness”

Satan is our to destroy and Peter has warned us to be sober and alert. Satan will not stop until depression, discouragement, and doubt has overcome us.

But our God is bigger and no weapon formed against us will prevail.

Isaiah 54:17

Journal 8/21

Psalm 1

Truth started to repeat in my head more than discouragement.

I knew Satan was really trying to take over when he’d spin scripture to shame me for sinning

But I won’t let him shame me any longer – I will stand up and ask god for help and forgiveness.

Billy graham quote on discouragement

psalm 1:1-3

Add YouTube video of fear you don’t own me – the breakup song

we need a battle plan to win this war. We need to be willing to allow God to fight for us. We need to be armed with truth and put on the full armor of God (bible verse link) and we need to keep our minds right; focused on hope and truth not focused on the day to day feelings of defeat.

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