Checking in or Checking off

Cool story share!!! The other day during my bible study and quiet time with the LORD, he said “let’s go for a run” so I agreed, put my headphones in and started to run on my treadmill. 30 seconds in my treadmill shut off. Frustrated, I got on my bike but I still felt the push inside me of “I said let’s run”

So I put on my cold running gear, a hat, gloves and a head lamp (cuz it was still pitch black out) and began to run without music (which is crazy!!)

While I ran the list of things I have as tasks were running through my head… as I continued to think about my tasks, anxiety continued to rise until the inner voice said – “each of these things are not for you to check off of a list – but to bring you closer to me” ❤️

I’ve spent my whole known life making to-do lists and checking things off it. All in hopes to find love and acceptance from others. I’m learning now that my worth is not based on the things I check off my list but by the people I influence as I walk with Christ – being a light wherever I go.

This change from holding onto my to-do list to letting it go of it and letting the Lord guide my steps is foreign to me. Confusing… how do I make a to-do list but still be flexible enough to let God change my plans – through me curve balls…?

As I struggled with the confusion out loud to a friend about how to approach life with this new thought processes “make lists of to-dos but don’t hang out to it tighter than I hold onto God – stay flexible to his plans”… The thought came to me… are you checking in or checking off? 😬😳

I need to be checking in with the LORD not rushing and stressing to check things off my lists. Starting today I’ll spend my time checking in with the LORD and less time checking things off my list! 🙌🏻 #realpriorities

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