Mind Renewal – Day 15

Thankfulness: Father, thank you for walking me through this journey, for teaching me through my struggles and always being with me, never leaving or forsaking me. I know that your ways are great and mighty and I long to follow you. Please open my heart and mind and keep me teachable.

Step 1 (capture thoughts)- Feeling anxious about things not going smoothly. Feeling lazy, disappointed in myself for not engaging my sound mind all the time – food, drink, fitness, patience… My mind is always engaged, but too often on the wrong things

Step 2 (Focused Reflection)- my Conscious thoughts today – I desire to do what is right all the time – don’t allow myself much grace. I end up numb and unable certain times of the day (end usually) don’t understand why that is. Maybe because I only spend time with God once a day. I do my active reaches, but they are too rushed. Plus I still have to constantly capture my thoughts about my body and food choices to make them not destroy me and that’s exhausting some days.

Step 3 (journal) – I know that exercise spread out through the day is better than 1 exercised followed by food and laziness – so, why don’t I treat my faith and time with God that way? I do listen to podcasts about faith, food, health… but I’m not as engaged as I should be all day long with any of these areas of my life and I’ll never find success unless I start to focus my mind on things that are right and honorable and helpful. I need to pray before food, pray when I feel tried, stressed, anxious…. Prayer needs to be more in my life – and focused prayer not rushed prayer.

Step 4 (Pray and Listen) – count my blessings. Stop rushing. Don’t let little offenses throw me off my focus. Look at all things/situations as I’m looking for God’s hand and not pain/hurt/anger/bitterness…

Step 5 (active reach) – I have no right to complain, God is with me always – look for Him and don’t complain. I have no right to be irritable – I’m saved and blessed. Purge the negative thoughts within me by focusing on my blessings

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