Primary Food: Physical Activity – Movement is worship

The reason that physical activity is on the list of top important primary foods is because of the release of positive chemicals in our brains that reduce stress and anxiety while leading to mental clarity and calmness.

When the curve balls of life come at us and begin to create a stress response in our bodies, we need to take that stress and do something active with it so that it doesn’t store as toxins in our body. That’s when we should use physical activity to create a release of positive hormones.

Movement forces an increase in blood flow and our bodies take the stress hormones and puts them to work like they were designed for. Physical activity helps us to think
clearer about situations and become better problem solvers.

The reason behind your workouts matters

When I began exercising for weight loss, I’d work out and shame myself the whole time. I was using exercise as punishment and I’d tell myself to run fast or lift heavier
because I had to offset the food I ate – well I believed I had to. I’d spend over an hour in the gym 6-7 days a week, and if I missed one workout, I’d end up so mad at myself that I’d workout longer next time.

I was stressed during my workout, after my workout, before my workout and every minute in between it seemed – all because I was chasing after a lifestyle I believed was ‘right”. With all the exercise and food micromanaging it didn’t make as much of a difference as peace did. I weighted 15 lbs. more than I weight today, and I believe it was because of my negative thoughts toward my body and using movement as punishment only increased the stress response (fat storage and inflammation) we talked about in the previous posts.

When our bodies are under stress , exercise can be our friend, but if we use exercise as punishment, it increases the toxic buildup of hormones which will make us sick, tired, and unable to think logically about anything. We take a healthy and natural response and turn it into a toxic and harmful one because we put our trust in things of this world and not in God.

So, everyone needs to move. But, if your life is very stressful, the last thing you need is a stressful workout. You should instead take a calming walk and pray while you walk. If you’re calm and feeling good – then do the intense workout. Treat your body with love and treat physical activity as a blessing – because it is!

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