Primary Food: Faith/Spirituality

You want better health, better weight, less sickness, less body-image issues – God is the only way (trust me, I’ve tried pretty much everything else).

You won’t arrive at the perfect weight or look, probably not ever, but especially not without God being your main focus in your pursuit to better health. God finds you worthy and beautiful, so if you don’t anchor yourself in that truth, pursuing the world’s definition of worth is a pursuit that will never end.

God wants to be part of our everything – even diet and exercise. And when we don’t bring Him into these areas, we end up making food, body-image, exercise…. our god. But when we bring our God into this area of life, we can find hope, endurance, and strength to have victory over the temptations we face when it comes to food choices or the temptation to say that we’re not worthy unless we look a certain way. By looking at ourselves (and others) through God’s eyes we’ll begin to feel healthy, whole, and renewed. We’ll start to view ourselves through the lens of God, not the world and that will transform our priorities in life and align us with God’s plans. We’ll be freed from the distractions that keep us stuck.

Our troubles are never to small for God

I used to struggle bringing God into areas of my life that I thought are too small for Him to be concerned with or things that were my desires and I shouldn’t burden
Him with the little desires of my heart. The truth is, though, He loves us so much that He wants to be part of every little, seemingly insignificant, desire of our heart. It took me time to believe this, because I had never really experienced a love like this here on earth
but His ways are greater than the earth, His love is bigger, better, more powerful and more gentle than anything we could ever find in our broken world that’s why knowing His character is so important! He is set apart from the world and calls us to be too.

After spending time with God, I began to see His character. As I entered into prayer and expectantly watched for His guidance, I saw Him more and more in the little details of my prayers, the thing I use to not bring to Him, He was answering quicker than I could even finish praying.

God wants a relationship with us that is so intimate that we share the deepest desires we have, big and small and He gets to show us His love in the little things. And, because He is faithful to us in the little things, we learn to trust Him in all all things. WE learn to be obedient, set-apartness, trusting and living in relationship with Him. We return our faithfulness to Him by giving Him our big things, our small things, our everything because we trust completely that His ways and His paths are perfect. He knows our desires and we align with His and we are transformed by Him alone.

There is so much more to be covered in this topic and that’s why each and every blog and video have done nothing but speak of the power of relationship with God in all areas of our life. I pray that your spiritual health growth abundantly day after day.

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