Meet Your Coach

Tiffany Stewart

NASM CPT, Life Coach, Sports Nutrition Coach, SAQ

I am a female athlete in my 40s and I will be an athlete for life. My goal is to help athletes of all ages thrive in life and sport. It all starts with the understanding of the power you have as a woman in fitness.

I have struggled with my weight and performance. Poor mental health, diet cycles that left me feeling depleted and drained, hair loss, muscle loss and loads of stress.

Today, I honor my body as a female and work with my cycle to increase my performance, improve my mental health and achieve greater success in both my sport and my life.

At Anchored, you or your female athlete will learn to fuel your mind and body so that you perform at your best both in and out of sports.

My goal is to help female athletes be both mentally and physically strong, discover their identity outside of their sport, and develop skills to improve all areas of their life for life.

What People Say

It’s so refreshing to have someone to talk to that understands where I am and what I want.

-Current Client

I can tell you really love what you do. My daughter loves spending time with you.


You inspire me to reach further.

– Current Client

Let’s build something together.

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