About Me

Join me and look up – God is holding out His hand wanting to help you leave the pit you think is your home… He’ll set you free!
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Hi, I’m glad you’re here!! My name is Tiffany Stewart. I started Anchored Female Wellness in 2017 with hopes to share with others the journey and growth that I was on. I wanted others to feel healed and whole, and honestly I wanted myself to feel that way too. I thought that if I’d tell others how they should live and eat and think – that I too would begin to live that way. Truth was, that even though I was writing about how much God was setting me free, I wasn’t truly living free. I often prayed “Father, I believe, please help my unbelief.” I knew in my head that the Bible was Truth, but my actions still showed that I thought everything was up to me and my efforts. I was still stuck in a cycle of destruction caused by so many of my wrong beliefs.

My whole life I wanted to help people feel good about themselves. I have a degree in Health and Wellness, spent years as a personal trainer and gym manager only to feel frustrated at the lack of lasting results in my clients and myself. I left the fitness industry because I didn’t feel like I was helping anyone. I was a prisoner to fear, anxiety, self-loathing, poor body-image, fear of food, fear of rejection. I was living under the belief that I had to do it all. I had to do better at doing what the bible said, I had to eat better, I had to look better, I had to be more, do more…. The pressure was debilitating and the weight of it all was crushing me – I ended up overwhelmingly tired, depressed, and consumed with feelings of being a failure. I hated myself on a regular basis, wishing to be someone else or somewhere else…. I kept all this a secret, though, trying do deal with it on my own. I didn’t want anyone to know the true war and battle that I was fighting in my soul. I thought that since I was going through these things that made me a horrible Christian – the truth is, what I was going through was and is sanctification. It’s the journey of death to self, for true life and life abundantly.

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Well, in the midst of my self-hate and pursuit to know God more, He was actually pursing me harder and strong and I saw His hand in the midst of one of the most painful moments of my life. My dad, my rock, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died just 10 days later. It shook me to my core, and still does, however, I’ve never seen God so much in my entire life.

Hundreds of people came to share their stories of my dad and how much of an impact he left in the lives of those that knew him. I decided in that moment that I wasn’t going to be held captive to anything anymore. I was going to live for God in all that I did and I decided to go back to school for holistic nutrition. The main goal in doing so and my steady prayer is/was that I saw God in every single aspect of health and food and fitness. Ladies, God answered that prayer in larger ways than I could have ever imagined and because of that, I am winning the battle against the things that weigh me down. I don’t have a bad relationship with food anymore. As a matter of fact I make food a time of worship and celebration. I don’t fear other’s opinions of me because I’ve chosen to live for an audience of one. And my chronic fatigue and food allergies have disappeared. I’ve seen a lot more fruit in my life than these three things and that’s because God promises a life filled with HIS peace and HIS joy and always giving us the way out of any situation.

The struggles I mentioned earlier still try to rear their ugly head from time to time, but I’m able to stand above them much quicker now because I have the tools to overcome them. Satan uses these stumbling blocks to keep me down so that I don’t feel valuable or worthy to do Kingdom size work. I refuse to allow him control in my life any longer. That’s exactly why I’ve taken Anchored Female Wellness from only a blog – to a full out life and health coaching business. I long for all women to know the Truth so that it can set them free!

My struggles with all these things goes back to when I was a teen, looking for my worth in all the wrong places. How even then I kept all my struggles to myself, ashamed to admit them to anyone. And that’s exactly what Satan wants us to do – sit quietly in our shame and be all alone. God created us for a relationship with Him and others. So, don’t be alone. Don’t be afraid to share your struggles – I promise you, you’re not alone in you feelings and together, through the strength of God, we can overcome Satan and live above fear and anxiety.

I’m a mom, a wife, horse owner, blogger, personal trainer, certified life and health coach, Jesus loving wholeness fanatic who has learned how the human body responds to our thoughts toward ourselves, toward others and directly impacts our weight, health and purpose. I’ll share with you how your food and exercise have very little to do with your weight in comparison to the other inputs of your life. Join me and look up – God is holding out His hand wanting to help you leave the pit you think is your home… He’ll set you free!