Finding Contentment – To the Moms & Wives who feel like they are failing

Highly motivated and high standards are good qualities unless they leave you feeling discontent with the things around you.  I have a broken past full of poor choices and things I’d rather take back than continue to live with the guilt that hangs on my heart.  In spite of my brokenness, God has saved me fromContinue reading “Finding Contentment – To the Moms & Wives who feel like they are failing”

What does Job Title have to do with Leadership? 

What company can survive when the people within it have lost their passion and creativity? I believe there is a brokenness in the way many our companies are being run – they live and die by the numbers and manage their teams the same way.   Seems that too many are blinded by the factContinue reading “What does Job Title have to do with Leadership? “

Put Your Warrior Boots On

This book is fantastic!!  Lisa encourages you to live a strong God-ignited life.  The book is filled with passion and direction.  she writes in a strong and confident way, I told my husband, it’s like boot camp for my soul, it lit a fire inside of me to live out God’s desire for us toContinue reading “Put Your Warrior Boots On”

Candy, I mean clean eating for dinner

Meal prep and planning for healthy eating is a big deal in our house.  One of our favorite meals and an almost weekly staple is this. (follow the link and connect it to your Pinterest board 🙂 Sweet potato Hash with Sausage and Eggs Ingredients: 1 lb sausage 1 Medium onion chopped (optional) 2 medium sweetContinue reading “Candy, I mean clean eating for dinner”

Goldy Living – Superhero Style

The world’s view of leadership is often referred to as a “man’s” job, and with this view on leadership comes a world with fewer women leading in the daily moments of their lives.  To me and the purpose of this blog is to redefine leadership among women and the world, because a Great Leader doesn’t createContinue reading “Goldy Living – Superhero Style”