Distraction: Stress, Worry, Anxiety & Fear Part 2 Health Issues

In the midst of these inner battles with stress and fear consumed me and my thoughts and my life, my dad got sick and died of cancer in a matter of 30 days. Through this pain and spending time with family and friends I decided I was done with fear and anxiety. I was done letting my life be filled with the worries about tomorrow and I was going to count my blessings today, because tomorrow may never come.

Food, Diet and how to find Your Unique Eating Lifestyle

We’ve arrived, food talk! 1/3 of women are on a diet. I don’t intend to discourage you, but you must know, diets are one of the biggest scams of deception that exists right now and are the cause of many weight struggles in society today. I believe that our over focus on food and theContinue reading “Food, Diet and how to find Your Unique Eating Lifestyle”

Primary Food: Faith/Spirituality

You want better health, better weight, less sickness, less body-image issues – God is the only way (trust me, I’ve tried pretty much everything else). You won’t arrive at the perfect weight or look, probably not ever, but especially not without God being your main focus in your pursuit to better health. God finds youContinue reading “Primary Food: Faith/Spirituality”

Condemnation vs Conviction – The difference is life or death

Meditation is a practice where an individual focuses the mind on a thought or activity. We are called to meditate on what is true, honorable, righteous, loving…. and as I said earlier, what we choose to think about will either fill us with death or life, blessing or curse. It’s our choice (Deuteronomy 11:26)  So, what are you spending your time meditatingContinue reading “Condemnation vs Conviction – The difference is life or death”

Primary Food: Physical Activity – Movement is worship

The reason that physical activity is on the list of top important primary foods is because of the release of positive chemicals in our brains that reduce stress and anxiety while leading to mental clarity and calmness. When the curve balls of life come at us and begin to create a stress response in ourContinue reading “Primary Food: Physical Activity – Movement is worship”

What Food Deserves Your Attention?

I spend a good amount of time thinking, planning, and agonizing over the food I ate, what I’ll eat next, what I shouldn’t have eaten in the past and how to eat better in the future. Food is one of the biggest contributing agitation in my internal and external battles. Yet it’s the one of the least influential partsContinue reading “What Food Deserves Your Attention?”