Mind Renewal – Day 12

January 14th 2020 Thankfulness – growing is hard work, but I love it! Step 1 (capture thoughts) – Revelations 22:1-2 The leaves of the trees of life are for the healing of all the nations. Still feeling sick – on day 7… It’s really taking a tole on my spiritual connection – yet I pressContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 12”

Mind Renewal – Day 10

January 12, 2020 Thankfulness – the growth is amazing. Today. Jada. My family. my Friends. My marriage. Ups and downs of life. Step 1 (captivate Thoughts) – last night was the first time I was able to use my active reaches and new thought patterns in a disagreement with my husband. He overreacted to somethingContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 10”

Mind Renewal – Day 9

Thankfulness – my desire to press on even thought I don’t feel well Step 1 (capture thoughts) – feeling under the weather does make focused mind renewal a little harder. I didn’t eat much yesterday till dinner – I wasn’t all that hungry but ate a lot – it’s been a while since I’ve doneContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 9”

Mind Renewal – Day 8

Thankful – Things are changing. At times it feels like they aren’t or are going backwards, but as I reflect on what I’m doing – I’m changing… Step 1 (capture Thoughts) – yesterday active reach was o. I’m feeling sick so my mind doesn’t feel as sharp as id like. I am increasingly aware ofContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 8”

Mind Renewal – Day 7

Thankfulness – The things that are changing in me. Weighing myself less. Eating more alert and aware. Accepting hunger and not living by ‘rules’. stepping into living for an audience of ONE. Step 1 (capture thought) – Once I begin thinking about God each time I thought about food, I was amazed at how muchContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 7”

Mind Renewal – Day 6

Thankfulness: yesterdays conviction was so eye opening and so loving. excited about today’s renewal and the new awakening I’m feeling Step 1 (capture thoughts) – my active reach is helping me fight off the attacks from Satan on my body and my husband. It’s time to get more specific thought, dive deeper to find theContinue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 6”

Mind Renewal – Day 5

Thankful: Walking and praying each morning. Time spent in the Word. The way that the Holy Spirit teaches. Jada. My family. My Friends. Each day to learn and grow more. Step 1 (capture thoughts) – Active reach didn’t go as well yesterday. Life gets busy and time sneaks away – this happens all the time.Continue reading “Mind Renewal – Day 5”