To The Women Feeling Defeated By the Mirror

I think my mirror at home must be a fun house mirror, a magical one that keeps changing it’s shape and in turn changing my body’s. Mirror images can often be distorted. It’s either our eyes or our minds that seem to make the focus all wrong. I finally understood the side mirror of myContinue reading “To The Women Feeling Defeated By the Mirror”

Character Vs. Comfort

Before my alarm even went off I was tossing and turning, a bit restless and still feeling very sleepy. Instead of finding peace before getting out of bed with a prayer I got up, walked to the coffee pot to start the brew – I stood there watching the coffee trickle in wishing it wouldContinue reading “Character Vs. Comfort”

Life Giving Relationship

Some days it feels like I have a million ideas, a million passions and a million things calling for my attention and I’d actually like to go in the opposite direction of all of those things. Today is one of those days, I’d much rather be doing anything else than what I’m supposed to do.Continue reading “Life Giving Relationship”

Finding Peace without A Lobotomy

Can I please get some peace?! Peace of mind, peace in spirit, peace in my job, marriage, schedule, peace and quiet… I’ve been on a hunt for peace and have discovered its secret, and no it’s not a lobotomy- even though I thought that was my only option for a while!

Is Your Beauty Hidden by What Holds You Down?

Oak trees are pretty common around me.  Everywhere I look I can spot about 30 of them, many line our 80-acre farm. But, there is one oak tree that has stood out in my mind and I can not find another like it. In the early days of my Breaking Fee bible study journey, myContinue reading “Is Your Beauty Hidden by What Holds You Down?”

Twisted Pride

“Putting yourself down is a twisted form of pride” These words stick with me as I close out my bible study this morning.  I am doing a study of Breaking Free by Beth Moore and day one hits me square between the eyes with these powerful, call-me-out, change-my-thinking, words. I love to learn and grow. Continue reading “Twisted Pride”

Control Freak Christian?!?

If you’ve read my other blogs or read my bio, you know I’m a self- proclaimed type-A control freak.  I’ve been this way my whole life but only really come to realize it’s impact on my health, the burden it puts on me, and how much I don’t use my gifts to serve but to hold on tightContinue reading “Control Freak Christian?!?”

Spiritual Gifts Quiz

We’ve been talking about spiritual gifts at church for the past few weeks and I’ve been so curious about what mine are.  Especially since I feel like I’m in a season of grey.  I don’t know which direction I should go or what God would like me to do to help advance his Kingdom. AllContinue reading “Spiritual Gifts Quiz”