Go Ahead, Make Plans…

Go ahead, make all the plans you want, but it’s the Lord who will ultimately direct your steps – Proverbs 16:1 (TPT) I love to make plans and execute them.  I also like to make plans and hold on to them so tight that I’m annoyed and frustrated if things don’t go according to those plans.Continue reading “Go Ahead, Make Plans…”

Prayer Needs More Teamwork

Pray continually, pray when you need something like wisdom or transformation, pray with thanksgiving and repentance…  I’ve always known this.  Too often though, my prayers would start as I lay in bed, and before saying “Amen” I’m fast asleep.  Or while driving, cooking dinner…. and my mind would be on to the next thing beforeContinue reading “Prayer Needs More Teamwork”

This Season of Chaos… Is My Perfect Soil

Personally, I am good at time management and organized tasks, but lately, it doesn’t seem to be working.  With too many competing ‘top’ priorities, constant roadblocks, and limited time, I feel like I’m not even close to keeping my head above water, I’m full out drowning. Running is always my rest… Isn’t it funny howContinue reading “This Season of Chaos… Is My Perfect Soil”

The 99 & A Mouth Filter

Confession of a striver – I take life way too seriously! Watched the movie School of Life the other day with the kids.  There was a scene where the coach of the basketball team – played by Ryan Renalds – decides that if they are going to be a team that loses all the time,Continue reading “The 99 & A Mouth Filter”

Life is a Classroom, Who is Your Teacher

It was a sunny, cool spring morning.  I woke up filled with guilt and shame because of the night before.  I was out drinking, swearing and acting like a fool.  It was 4 years ago, and I had just started my journey back to God. It was in its early stages of repentance and buildingContinue reading “Life is a Classroom, Who is Your Teacher”

Using the Broken

Action and adventure moves are some of my favorites.  In watching these movies, I always wonder how the leaders of the Mob or Cartel got all the power and control.  How do they get followers, and so many of them?   Is it all threat, is it love with threats… I just couldn’t wrap my headContinue reading “Using the Broken”

Peace In The Chaos

“Peace be with you” is something I say at church on Sunday mornings when the pastor asks us to greet one another.  I must admit, saying these words always seems so odd to me, probably because I laugh in doubt at the thought of peace or that I’m not really sure what true peace looksContinue reading “Peace In The Chaos”

Build a City of Self-Control

Food and eating is one of my favorite things to do, and that caused troubles in past, it led me to being overweight, insecure and unhealthy mentally and physically. To help improve my self-control,  I did a bible study called Taste for Truth.  During this study I discovered how I can continue my love forContinue reading “Build a City of Self-Control”