Favorite Recipies

  • Egg Muffin Recipe

    Egg Muffin Recipe

    These egg muffins are low carb and easy to make ahead of time.  I have them for breakfast every morning during the week! Ingredients 1 lb ground turkey sausage  (I’ll do maple flavored at times to switch it up) 1 cup egg whites 6 large eggs (I leave this out and only do egg whites)…

  • Candy, I mean clean eating for dinner

    Candy, I mean clean eating for dinner

    Meal prep and planning for healthy eating is a big deal in our house.  One of our favorite meals and an almost weekly staple is this. (follow the link and connect it to your Pinterest board 🙂 Sweet potato Hash with Sausage and Eggs Ingredients: 1 lb turkey sausage 1 Medium onion chopped (optional) 2 medium…