Heal your Body by Listening to your Inner Orchestra

My current journey and goal are to link weight struggles, self-worth, and wellness success to scripture.  Our relationship with YAHWEH makes all the difference in lasting results for health and wellness. In doing research and schooling for Integrative nutrition, it’s remarkably easy to see how our body’s design is a strong reflection of how ourContinue reading “Heal your Body by Listening to your Inner Orchestra”

How Changing Coffee time Changed my Food Cravings, Energy, and Digestion

Does your daily routine start with rolling out of bed and pouring yourself a big delicious cup of coffee before even considering breakfast? That is what my daily routine consisted of. Wake up, pour my coffee, say my prayer for a good morning quiet time, and sip away as I entered into my morning bibleContinue reading “How Changing Coffee time Changed my Food Cravings, Energy, and Digestion”

Nutrition is easy – So Why Does it seem so Complicated?

I’m taking a new and life-giving approach to how I spend my time and it starts on May 13th! Well, I’ve already begun pre-course requirements through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  In 1 year, I’ll take my bachelor’s degree in Health and Wellness and personal trainer experience to the next level by being a CertifiedContinue reading “Nutrition is easy – So Why Does it seem so Complicated?”

Low-Carb Diet | Things I’ve learned about weight and being a woman

So many diet options and so many success stories.  It leaves me with the question of “where is my ‘success’ story?”  Can you relate? Keto Diet – it’s everywhere right now.  Carbs are bad and fat is good.  I feel like something along these lines has happened before, Oh yeah, that’s because it has, inContinue reading “Low-Carb Diet | Things I’ve learned about weight and being a woman”

Healing Anxiety Toward Food and Weight

Food and me – It’s one of my greatest anxieties. I’m not sure when my obsession with food began, but I do know that it is where I turn every time I’m tired, sad, happy, celebrating, bored, angry… yeah, so I pretty much turn to food 24/7. Today, I’m beginning a journey to renew myContinue reading “Healing Anxiety Toward Food and Weight”

Jelly Bean Season, Sugar & uncontrollable Hunger

If you don’t know that jelly bean season is in full swing, you have not left your home or entered a store.  I love jelly beans, always have! I couldn’t wait till we got our Easter basket when I was a kid, because for a short time we’d get jelly beans and “balk” things.  Balk things are Cadbury eggsContinue reading “Jelly Bean Season, Sugar & uncontrollable Hunger”

How Food, my weight & Fitness became my Idol

I’ve always loved fitness.  I’ve also, always loved food!  I confess that I track my fitness and my food daily and at times obsessively.  It’s been on my heart that this is an issue, even an idol in my life. Most of my time is spent planning the next meal (for my family or me)Continue reading “How Food, my weight & Fitness became my Idol”

Life is a Classroom, Who is Your Teacher

It was a sunny, cool spring morning.  I woke up filled with guilt and shame because of the night before.  I was out drinking, swearing and acting like a fool.  It was 4 years ago, and I had just started my journey back to God. It was in its early stages of repentance and buildingContinue reading “Life is a Classroom, Who is Your Teacher”

Weight Loss & the Cookie Cutter Mindset

The perfect edges that cookie cutters make in shaping a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree, stars and even Santa please my organized brain. I love the reliability of the cookie cutter’s ability to stamp out the perfect shape every time. I wish life and clean eating were more like the perfect edges of a cookieContinue reading “Weight Loss & the Cookie Cutter Mindset”

The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Final Part Physical Wellness

We’ve finally arrived at the most well known dimension of wellness.  As you can now see, your weight loss and overall heath is a lot more than diet and exercise. as a matter of fact, even your physical wellness is more than diet and exercise. Physical wellness promotes the balance of physical activity, nutrition andContinue reading “The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Final Part Physical Wellness”