The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 7 Occupational Wellness

The work you do should be fulfilling.  If you are absolutely miserable in your job it will carry over into your ability to make healthy choices that lead to joy and happiness in your life. 

The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 6 Intellectual Wellness

If you’ve been following this blog series, you’ve learned the importance of learning more about yourself and others and how that knowledge can lead to a happier and healthier life.  You’ve also probably seen how much all of these areas are linked to your overall health and the carry over impact of each.  Our mindsContinue reading “The Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 6 Intellectual Wellness”

Secret to Weight Loss – Part 4 Emotional Wellness

Social media emoji’s sum up almost every emotion we could possibly feel, and as you look through all the different options you can easily see that our emotions are very complex.  If only dealing with our real emotions was as easy as picking the right emoji to send in a text. Have you ever been awareContinue reading “Secret to Weight Loss – Part 4 Emotional Wellness”

Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 3 Social Wellness

People watching is one of my favorite things to do. I don’t do it to judge or poke fun at others, but to learn different cues, different body language and see how unique each of us are.  It’s amazing how different we can be, and yet how similar we all are in our core desires toContinue reading “Real Secret to Weight Loss – Part 3 Social Wellness”

Real Secret to Weight Loss Part 2 – Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness, in my opinion, is where being healthy and successful begins.  It’s where we realize that we aren’t alone in the struggles we face and that within each struggle there is an opportunity for growth.  When we don’t understand that we are part of something bigger and aren’t well with who we are –Continue reading “Real Secret to Weight Loss Part 2 – Spiritual Wellness”

The Real Secret to Weight Loss!

We can’t go far without hearing about the next best weight loss food, pill, drink, diet…Our culture is obsessed with skinny and being skinnier than “that girl.”   The secret to weight loss doesn’t lie within a pill, a diet, or even exercise.  The secret I’m going to share with you today requires more purposefulness thanContinue reading “The Real Secret to Weight Loss!”

10 Things the Fitness Industry is Lying about

The fitness world is where I have spent much of my career, but I left it about 2 years ago because of the stigma and judgment that I felt was placed on me as a fitness center manager and personal trainer and the constant battle against the lies from the industry.  The pressure to lookContinue reading “10 Things the Fitness Industry is Lying about”