Meal Plan and Shopping List for April 15th-April 20th

Missed last week’s shopping and meal plan.  Sometimes life just goes a little too fast to keep up, ya know?! Shopping day today and this is what’s on the upcoming menu: Monday: Salmon Sweet potato Cakes Tuesday: Steak w/ Sweet Potatoes and Peppers Wednesday: BLT(ACE) (Blt with avocado, cheese & Egg) with Roasted garlic greenContinue reading “Meal Plan and Shopping List for April 15th-April 20th”

Meal Plan for March 30 – April 5th

This week has been crazy, the meal plan I had ended up falling to the wayside on  Thursday due to an unexpected science fair right in the middle of 2 soccer practices.  Running 5 days in a row causes a lot of chaos. This next week I’m keeping it simple and summary.  We also haveContinue reading “Meal Plan for March 30 – April 5th”

Meal Plan for March 25th – March 31st

Meal planning is something that has become a staple in my week to do list.  Mostly because if I don’t plan it’s going to end up being chips or ice cream for dinner because it’s simple and quick.  I’ll confess, we’ve done ice cream or breakfast for dinners quite a few times, but I knowContinue reading “Meal Plan for March 25th – March 31st”