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Performance/Perfection – Don’t be Unarmed

Before we leave perfection and performance-based distraction, let’s take another look at Moses. I hear myself in his plea to God that he isn’t enough. I often tell God to choose someone else, I’m not worthy of what you’re asking me to do. But just as in the story of Moses, it’s no more about Moses than it is about me and you. It’s not about us being worthy or doing enough – it’s about GOD! God is with us and promises to never leave or forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:6) Not only will He not leave us, but He promises, as His dearly loved daughters, He will protect us. … Continue readingPerformance/Perfection – Don’t be Unarmed

Distraction: Stress, Worry, Anxiety & Fear Part 2 Health Issues

In the midst of these inner battles with stress and fear consumed me and my thoughts and my life, my dad got sick and died of cancer in a matter of 30 days. Through this pain and spending time with family and friends I decided I was done with fear and anxiety. I was done letting my life be filled with the worries about tomorrow and I was going to count my blessings today, because tomorrow may never come. … Continue readingDistraction: Stress, Worry, Anxiety & Fear Part 2 Health Issues

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