Condemnation vs Conviction – The difference is life or death

Meditation is a practice where an individual focuses the mind on a thought or activity. We are called to meditate on what is true, honorable, righteous, loving…. and as I said earlier, what we choose to think about will either fill us with death or life, blessing or curse. It’s our choice (Deuteronomy 11:26)  So, what are you spending your time meditatingContinue reading “Condemnation vs Conviction – The difference is life or death”

Primary Food: Physical Activity – Movement is worship

The reason that physical activity is on the list of top important primary foods is because of the release of positive chemicals in our brains that reduce stress and anxiety while leading to mental clarity and calmness. When the curve balls of life come at us and begin to create a stress response in ourContinue reading “Primary Food: Physical Activity – Movement is worship”

What Food Deserves Your Attention?

I spend a good amount of time thinking, planning, and agonizing over the food I ate, what I’ll eat next, what I shouldn’t have eaten in the past and how to eat better in the future. Food is one of the biggest contributing agitation in my internal and external battles. Yet it’s the one of the least influential partsContinue reading “What Food Deserves Your Attention?”

Your Thoughts Impact Your Weight! (and so much more)

75-95% of disease and health related issues stem from our thought life. This leaves only 2-25% of our life being impacted by food, supplements, and other things we put into our bodies, pretty shocking right?! This is proof that no matter how much effort we put into our diet and exercise; it weighs little in comparison to our thoughts.  Continue reading “Your Thoughts Impact Your Weight! (and so much more)”

Body Image and Negative Self-Talk

And having put on a new self you are being renewed in knowledge according to the image of your creator Colossians 3:10 Body-image and the horrible ways I can talk to myself has been my biggest distraction and has been for the past 15 years, if not longer. Thoughts about myself, my body, and the time I spendContinue reading “Body Image and Negative Self-Talk”

Separation Tactics that keep us from walking with Purpose

My reflection on Exodus 3 – 5 and our current lives Moses is having an encounter with God and God tells him that He is going to use Moses to free the Israelite. Moses makes loads of excuses and tells God that he isn’t the man for the job. God, however, tells Moses that it isn’t Moses whoContinue reading “Separation Tactics that keep us from walking with Purpose”

Distraction: Social Media & Technology

Making the best use of time, because the days are evil.  Ephesians 5:16 I find Instagram and Facebook to be a fun place to get distracted. I love reading inspirational stories, seeing scripture put into beautiful pictures and keeping up with the lives of people from my past, present and meeting new ones for the future. Even with allContinue reading “Distraction: Social Media & Technology”

Distraction: Extreme Agitation of the Mind

The definition of distraction is an extreme agitation of the mind. Agitated is a good way to explain the way I feel when things, thoughts, lights, animals , anything really, pull me from one train of thought into another. I feel like my brain needs some kind of brace to support all the mental whiplash moments I go through.  The thingContinue reading “Distraction: Extreme Agitation of the Mind”