Living Set Apart

March, 18 2020 On lock down, kids at home full time in need of structure and learning, balancing a new structure with homeschooling (something I’ve never done) and working from home. Life looks different right now. A little concerning, a little uncomfortable and and a complete change in how I’ve become comfortable in living. Comfort,Continue reading “Living Set Apart”

Decreasing Stress and Increase Peace

What do you think the disciples thought as they saw Jesus – their teacher, their leader, the man they had walked life with, saw perform miracles… beaten beyond recognition and hanging from the cross? Maybe hopeless, afraid, anxious, defeated…? In scripture faith, hope, and love go together. When we encounter negative/painful situations we have twoContinue reading “Decreasing Stress and Increase Peace”

How to Handle Setbacks as an Overcomer

The only way to truly master a change is by repeating the practice. I read a book a while back called ‘Outliers’. The main point of the book is that the most successful people and athletes are those that continue to practice and deepen there abilities and understandings. This repetitive behavior is what causes aContinue reading “How to Handle Setbacks as an Overcomer”

Changing My Direction

Health and fitness is something I know, I apply it and can use it, but there is something that has been stirring me more than health and fitness – It’s health, encouragement and healing of young women and Coaching Mom’s to discover their healing so that they are empowered to lead their daughters into aContinue reading “Changing My Direction”

Discover your Identity

It feels like someone has hit fast forward on life. I go to bed at night and wonder if I did anything of worth or value and what I’m missing. We all long to be part of something bigger, to know that our life matters and that we have purpose. Somehow, however, we end upContinue reading “Discover your Identity”

How I was Freed from Eating Disorders

If I wasn’t thinking about how much I hated myself for what I ate, I was thinking about what I was going to eat next. In this blog I’ll share the moments of my life that I’m not so proud of and how I was able to be freed from the bondage of my weight,Continue reading “How I was Freed from Eating Disorders”

Growth: The Sweet & Sour

Growth is like eating a sour candy, it starts off painful and you’re hoping it stops soon, yet there is a sweetness present that keeps you going back for another. Transformation in our lives can be a lot more difficult than eating sour candies. In every given trial and challenge we have two choices: WeContinue reading “Growth: The Sweet & Sour”