Anxieties of a people pleaser

Too many times I’ve found myself ashamed of who I am because I didn’t please someone. Thought’s of “I wish I were different so I didn’t upset them” or “I wish I were someone else entirely because then they would like or approve of me.”  It’s crazy how I can go through seasons and thinkContinue reading “Anxieties of a people pleaser”

Healing Anxiety of Time Control

No, time control doesn’t refer to time travel or the ability to stop time, however, I really wish I did have that power. The time control I speak of is the kind of control that I think I have over the day to day activities and situations of life. One of my spiritual gifts is administration.  MakesContinue reading “Healing Anxiety of Time Control”

How I’m Healing Anxiety through Humility (Day 1)

Anxious and worried sums up my life pretty well.  I’ve been blessed with the gift of planning and forward thinking. However, I haven’t used this as a gift to trust God, but instead taken hold of it with all my might and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m living daily right on the edgeContinue reading “How I’m Healing Anxiety through Humility (Day 1)”

Are You Feasting on Foolishness or Truth?

Ever been in a position where you looked the other way from what was right so you could do something you knew you shouldn’t?   I have many times, more than I care to ever admit, but carry around the ‘shame’ with me daily. It sure wasn’t as black and white or as purposeful as –Continue reading “Are You Feasting on Foolishness or Truth?”

Full Plate and New Friendships

As I walked in the door at 8 pm with my arms loaded with 6 plastic grocery bags each, all I’m thinking about is getting the girls off to bed and pouring myself a glass of wine.  At this point, putting the groceries away can wait just a moment as I pause the chaos andContinue reading “Full Plate and New Friendships”

Process Vs. List

I’m a list maker!  I make lists of lists.  Fancy lists with colorful pens.  I rewrite my lists after I’ve marked a few things complete and I’ll even rewrite my list if I don’t like my handwriting.  Lists sorted between work and home, lists by number or importance.  I love lists and the feeling ofContinue reading “Process Vs. List”

Home, Sweat Pants, and Foreshadowing

I’m like a stubborn kid hanging from the monkey bars making excuses like Moses to not fulfill my calling. Comfort and control are my two favorite things.  Lucky me, I work from home and spend my days in my sweatpants.  This is especially convenient since it’s a windchill of -12 degrees outside. Do you rememberContinue reading “Home, Sweat Pants, and Foreshadowing”

Hello Obedience

There are a million things on my plate, but hey – let’s get a young and unruly horse – that’s a great idea! Well, it turns out that I have a lot to learn from my horse on how to be a better mom, a better wife, and a better Christian – Who knew. I thinkContinue reading “Hello Obedience”


Have you ever done the Myer’s Briggs personality test? I took the test back in college and this morning it all came flooding back.  I went out and took the test again to refresh my memory of what my personality type is, and I’m an ESFJ.  Here’s a little about what this means: Extroverted –Continue reading “ESFJ”