Give Grace…to Myself?! 

There is something about the way music can bring us back to a time and place or the unique way lyrics can stick with us for a lifetime.  I was 17 and on my way to a softball game, when a song came on and stopped my busy mind dead in its tracks.  I wasContinue reading “Give Grace…to Myself?! “

Be Still and Know! But How if I have a Type A Personality?!?

Early in high school basketball, I got the nickname full-throttle because I was quick and always in full-throttle mode.  One of the problems that came with being that way was that layups were hard.  I’d steal the ball from the opposing point guard and dribble-sprint with the ball to their end for a layup.  NoContinue reading “Be Still and Know! But How if I have a Type A Personality?!?”

Faith, When Love Has Lost Its Meaning

I love that movie, I love that ice cream, I love those chips, I love those shoes,  I love you…. The word love has lost a lot of meaning. When someone says “I love ice cream” and then turns and tells me they love me – how can love have any weight, is their loveContinue reading “Faith, When Love Has Lost Its Meaning”

How Self-Aware Are You?

Can you imagine having a heated conversation with your spouse or colleague and not having feelings of agitation, anger or defensiveness? We’ve all be there, a heated argument that ended up about something that wasn’t even the point of the original conversation. Frustrated and angry, the argument ends and you walk away thinking, “that wasn’t evenContinue reading “How Self-Aware Are You?”

What does Job Title have to do with Leadership? 

What company can survive when the people within it have lost their passion and creativity? I believe there is a brokenness in the way many our companies are being run – they live and die by the numbers and manage their teams the same way.   Seems that too many are blinded by the factContinue reading “What does Job Title have to do with Leadership? “