Spiritual Gifts Quiz

We’ve been talking about spiritual gifts at church for the past few weeks and I’ve been so curious about what mine are.  Especially since I feel like I’m in a season of grey.  I don’t know which direction I should go or what God would like me to do to help advance his Kingdom. AllContinue reading “Spiritual Gifts Quiz”

Are You Feasting on Foolishness or Truth?

Ever been in a position where you looked the other way from what was right so you could do something you knew you shouldn’t?   I have many times, more than I care to ever admit, but carry around the ‘shame’ with me daily. It sure wasn’t as black and white or as purposeful as –Continue reading “Are You Feasting on Foolishness or Truth?”

Go Ahead, Make Plans…

Go ahead, make all the plans you want, but it’s the Lord who will ultimately direct your steps – Proverbs 16:1 (TPT) I love to make plans and execute them.  I also like to make plans and hold on to them so tight that I’m annoyed and frustrated if things don’t go according to those plans.Continue reading “Go Ahead, Make Plans…”

The Joyful Pain of Pruning

Pruning is to cut away or remove unnecessary parts; to remove dead or living parts form a plant to increase fruit or flower production or to improve form. Abide ~ Remain ~ LOVE As Easter weekend leaves us, my heart is consumed by the words abide, remain and love.  Certain moments or even full seasonsContinue reading “The Joyful Pain of Pruning”

Prayer Needs More Teamwork

Pray continually, pray when you need something like wisdom or transformation, pray with thanksgiving and repentance…  I’ve always known this.  Too often though, my prayers would start as I lay in bed, and before saying “Amen” I’m fast asleep.  Or while driving, cooking dinner…. and my mind would be on to the next thing beforeContinue reading “Prayer Needs More Teamwork”

Full Plate and New Friendships

As I walked in the door at 8 pm with my arms loaded with 6 plastic grocery bags each, all I’m thinking about is getting the girls off to bed and pouring myself a glass of wine.  At this point, putting the groceries away can wait just a moment as I pause the chaos andContinue reading “Full Plate and New Friendships”

Process Vs. List

I’m a list maker!  I make lists of lists.  Fancy lists with colorful pens.  I rewrite my lists after I’ve marked a few things complete and I’ll even rewrite my list if I don’t like my handwriting.  Lists sorted between work and home, lists by number or importance.  I love lists and the feeling ofContinue reading “Process Vs. List”

Home, Sweat Pants, and Foreshadowing

I’m like a stubborn kid hanging from the monkey bars making excuses like Moses to not fulfill my calling. Comfort and control are my two favorite things.  Lucky me, I work from home and spend my days in my sweatpants.  This is especially convenient since it’s a windchill of -12 degrees outside. Do you rememberContinue reading “Home, Sweat Pants, and Foreshadowing”

The 99 & A Mouth Filter

Confession of a striver – I take life way too seriously! Watched the movie School of Life the other day with the kids.  There was a scene where the coach of the basketball team – played by Ryan Renalds – decides that if they are going to be a team that loses all the time,Continue reading “The 99 & A Mouth Filter”