33. Paradigm Shifts that align you with Truth

The last few years have been a journey to healing and re-learning. Today I talk about the top paradigm shifts that I am speaking on repeat to keep myself in a state of authority and obedience to God. I’ll address: Humility and confidence Believing without doubting vs believing and doing Carrying one another’s burdens Vs.Continue reading “33. Paradigm Shifts that align you with Truth”

31. Staying Sharp as a Mom and Woman

Life as a mom tends to leave us feeling worn down and filled with doubts. In today’s episode I share a little about what I’m going through in life right now and how that has taught me that being confident in what I know today and executing without doubting has decreased my frustration and increasedContinue reading “31. Staying Sharp as a Mom and Woman”

25: Finding Your Identity In A Couple Simple Habits

For most of my life I have been what everyone else wanted me to be or did things to gain the approval of others. All this lead to a lack of understanding about how I am or who God made me to be for His good and His glory. In today’s episode I share myContinue reading “25: Finding Your Identity In A Couple Simple Habits”

24: Do You Know Who You Really Are or how to walk in it?

In today’s episode I talk about how my daily habit of journaling mind renewal has freed me from self-hate and opened me up to walking in who the Lord says I am according to His purpose and His design.

Join me in some self-discovery and how you can use your faith to improve you food, fitness, family and friendships.

23. Loving The Unlikable

I love my family but there are moments I don’t particularly like them or their behavior. I was convicted by the LORD that even unbelievers are nice to those they like and as believers we are called to be kind to unlikable people/behaviors. We can dislike their behavior and require a change in their actionsContinue reading “23. Loving The Unlikable”