25: Finding Your Identity In A Couple Simple Habits

For most of my life I have been what everyone else wanted me to be or did things to gain the approval of others. All this lead to a lack of understanding about how I am or who God made me to be for His good and His glory. In today’s episode I share myContinue reading “25: Finding Your Identity In A Couple Simple Habits”

24: Do You Know Who You Really Are or how to walk in it?

In today’s episode I talk about how my daily habit of journaling mind renewal has freed me from self-hate and opened me up to walking in who the Lord says I am according to His purpose and His design.

Join me in some self-discovery and how you can use your faith to improve you food, fitness, family and friendships.

23. Loving The Unlikable

I love my family but there are moments I don’t particularly like them or their behavior. I was convicted by the LORD that even unbelievers are nice to those they like and as believers we are called to be kind to unlikable people/behaviors. We can dislike their behavior and require a change in their actionsContinue reading “23. Loving The Unlikable”

22. Exercise for Your Body Type, Your Mood and Your Season of Life

There are three body types: The Ectomorph who is naturally very thin, has narrow hips and shoulders, very low body fat and thin arms and legs.  This person should train with heavy weights and lots of rest between sets.  They should only train 1-2 body parts per session to avoid too much calorie expenditure andContinue reading “22. Exercise for Your Body Type, Your Mood and Your Season of Life”

21. 6 Daily Habits that that Lead to My Transformation

Today we are going to talk about establishing daily habits that lead to growth and the commitment to continue. There are three tings I know for sure – 1. I’m a mess 2. I’m not in control of anything 3. Trusting in God and his timing is the only path that leads to transformation IContinue reading “21. 6 Daily Habits that that Lead to My Transformation”

20. How Is Your View Of Yourself?

What would life look like if we started to ‘weigh’ our spiritual health more than our physical weight? 1 Peter 3:4 – Let it be the hidden person of the Heart, with the incorruptible beatify of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God” – gentle with me, gentleContinue reading “20. How Is Your View Of Yourself?”