17: Are you Limiting yourself?

I fear that I won’t have enough time, enough energy, enough to give, enough knowledge/understanding…. Fear, it limits me, puts me in a box and exhausts me. You know what else exhausts us… not doing what the LORD is asking us to do. In today’s episode I ask us to join in the Holy Spirit’sContinue reading “17: Are you Limiting yourself?”

15: Winning the Battle of our Minds/Moods

We continue to train our minds to stay in the bondage of the things we see with our fleshly eyes.  Lines like “I will never be able to…” “I just am an angry person” “My whole family struggles with anxiety, I guess that’s just how it is”  “If I don’t worry about this or thatContinue reading “15: Winning the Battle of our Minds/Moods”

14: Marriage without Bitterness and Resentment

Communication is key in any relationship, but especially in our marriages, but why does it seem that most marriages suffer from the ‘unspoken, unmet expectation’ disease? It’s because we are not stating our needs in a loving way, we aren’t stating our needs at all due to pride and many other reasons.. Today we willContinue reading “14: Marriage without Bitterness and Resentment”

13: Feeding your Spirit vs Feeding your Flesh

When stress, worry, hurry and anger are ruling your days, do you see them as the warning lights they are? Our life should be full of joy and peace, and when we are experiencing stress and anxiety we have two choices.. we can feed our flesh (with cookies) or we can feed our spirit (withContinue reading “13: Feeding your Spirit vs Feeding your Flesh”