anchored life

I’m a Jesus loving-type-A-strong-willed-hot-mess of a woman with a need for healing.  I’m a wife, a mom, a step-mom, horse owner, a cattle farmer and fitness nut.  I’m healing the brokenness of the past, blending my family, and being an intentional, forward-thinking woman as I build my marriage and equip my girls with Godly centered tools.

My goal as a life and wellness coach is to empower the women and young girls to live a life anchored in godly truth.  I work with women of all ages and girls ages 10-16.

In my woman coaching we work on:

Improved Eating Habits- a discovery of your unique nutritional needs

Improved Exercise – what makes you feel alive and what will you stick to

Removing lies that hold you captive and keep you from walking with Christ

Support in difficult times as you raise your family

and more

The girls I work with we will focus on:

The challenges of becoming a young woman

Peer Pressure


How to overcome pressures from boys and friends

How to stay anchored in who God says they are

and more