Female Transformation Speaker

Discover the power of the female mind!

As women, we have hundreds of things on our plates every minute of every day. It’s a lot to juggle for anyone, but it’s even more of a weight to carry when we are grappleing in past trauma, self-hate, discouragement, fear, heartache…

Bringing Tiffany in to speak at your events will equip women with the tools they need to heal their body, mind and spirit so they can thrive in all areas of life.

She will teach your audience how to take captive negative thoughts, heal from the hurts of life, renew their opinion of their bodies and food, and so much more.

Pick from the topics below to enhance your event.

Topics Include:

  • Healing from Trauma – Discover the things that hold you back from living your best life and begin your healing journey right away!
  • Female Nutrition – Food and diet are some of the most controversial and confusing things women have to deal with. Learn the truth about food/nutrients and how to heal your relationship with your body.
  • Eating For Your Cycle – Did you know that at certain times of the month, carbs benefit us more than others? We will unpack the female cycle and the foods that support us most. Learn to work with your body, not against it.
  • Transformational Journaling – We all know that journaling is important, but how do we start a productive journal and create a habit that creates lasting change.
  • Customized – You can customize what you’d like me to address based on your event title as well as the needs. of the woman attending your event. Reaching out to talk about options today/

Let’s Connect!

Want to see if Anchored is right for your event? I offer a zero-obligation initial consultation to see if Anchored Female can inspire the women at your event to anchor their worth in truth and take back their mind, their health, and their life.

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