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Virtual and face-2-face Private Coaching

I offer one on one coaching sessions to help empower girls to deepen their self-awareness, improve self-esteem and learn strategies to help make better decisions, cope with emotions and take steps into the purpose you were created for. Don’t let time or distance hinder you from private life coaching anchored in a biblical perspective. I offer sessions to clients across the United States. Call 715-370-2428 to schedule your first and complementary coaching session. With your first session you’ll learn 3 takeaways to help improve your current situation and find out if my coaching program is right for you. click here to set up your complementary 1st session.

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Have an event with teens, young women, moms… and want someone to come in and speak regarding self-worth, health, applying the Gospel to daily life or a variety of options? We’ll work together to create an experience that will leave your audience inspired, motivated and hopeful. These presentations last from 30-60 minutes, click here to set up a consultation.

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Group/Family Sessions

Relationships is a key foundation for health, faith and life. That’s why sometimes its better to grow together. If you’re looking for mom-daughter coaching to strengthen your relationship or you’re a teen or young women hoping to learn and grow with a friend – this program is perfect for you. click here to set up a consultation.

Let’s work Together

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Teen Girls (13-18) Life & Health Coach

Your daughter is full of promise. You see her potential, but maybe she isn’t right now, or she needs additional support and encouragement to take her to the next level.
Life coaching from a biblical perspective is a positive and fruitful way to empower your daughter to value herself and define her identity.
Does your daughter struggle with body-image? Does she have a difficult time at school? How are her friendships? Has she started dating and you want to be sure she’s making the right choices? Do you find that fear, worry and anxiety are holding her back from reaching her potential? Does she struggle with emotions and have a hard time coping with them?
These teen years are a critical point where many of us define our identity and worth. By partnering with me you and I can influence your daughter’s life so that she can cope with stress, set health boundaries in friendship and dating relationships, she can feel confident and become the woman of valor she was created to be!
Contact me at 715-370-2428 or click here to sign up

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Mom Coach

Hi Mom, Being a mom is hard work, especially today. We juggle hundreds of things not to mention the incessant thoughts that keep us distracted and some days make us feel like we’re chasing the wind.

You are a wonderful mom and through Anchored Female Mom Coaching we’ll work together to discover your gifts, improve your health and transform the way that you see yourself so that you can model a health body image, anchored faith, and a positive thought life to your daughter.

We’ll discuss your health and any goals you have in that area and work to reach them. We’ll discuss parenting – how to discipline, set boundaries, be a role model, ask good questions to open up your daughters, we’ll unpack the fears and anxiety related to pressures you feel to perform or be perfect, and help you anchor your thought life in Truth so that you can stay strong mentally, physically and emotionally – fully prepared for whatever comes your way.
If you’re curious on learning more – contact me at 715-370-2428 or click here to sign up

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Young Women (19-29) Life & Health Coach

Did you know that we don’t totally understand ourselves until we’re in our late 20’s to early 30’s? This means that college and beyond is a very vital time for development and it’s also a season where you’re making some of the biggest decisions of your life like what to major in, what career to take and possibly even who to marry!
If you struggle with trying to please everyone, don’t know what your gifts or talents are, don’t know what to major in or what career is right for you, or are about to decide to spend your life with someone but need someone to ask those big deep questions, I’m your girl 🙂
I wish I had someone besides my mom to walk me through choices in life, especially the big ones! I wish there was someone that would have asked me the big questions and made me learn to trust God more. So, through this program I’ll help you discover the gifts and talents God gave you, help you anchor your worth and choices in Biblical truth and help you on your journey to discovering the woman God created you to be and the purpose He has for you and your unique gifts and abilities. If you’re interested in learning more contact me at 715-370-2428 or click here to sign up