Training for Female Sports Teams

Who’s It For

Coaches of female sports who are looking to improve their athlete’s performance.

Anchored team coaching is for female sports teams who are looking to improve their time spent in the weight room, prevent injury and increase sports performance.

What’s Included

  • Summer Nutrition Courses – I come and talk with your athletes about nutrition for sport and as a female. This will help them fuel properly to compete completely.
  • Strength Training coach – I believe that females should not lift like men. I teach your athletes how to lift to improve sports performance. Not all lifts will improve the explosiveness of jumps or sprints. I help determine which ones do.

Claim your free Consultation

Want to see if Anchored is right for you? I offer a zero obligation initial consultation. At the end of you choose not to join Anchored, you will still leave with 2-3 tips to help you take steps to achieving your goals.

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