The objective in talking about distractions is to help women discover the things that really matter to them so that they can overcome the enemies attempts to top them from walking in the life God has planned for them.

We’ll discuss:

  • Social Media/Technology
  • Body-Image and Self Talk
  • Defining a ‘good’ Distraction
  • Stress, Anxiety, Perfectionism, and performance
  • Applying scripture to our distractions so that we can live free of what weighs you down and keeps you off your destiny.

The objective of this topic is to help women learn and apply scripture to the way they look at and treat themselves so that they can heal their relationship with themselves, food and God to produce lasting and and transformational results.

We’ll discuss

  • Primary vs. secondary foods
  • Heart-Brain- Kidney connection to fat
  • The power of our mind and how our thoughts impact our health
  • Slavery to food, the scale and our stomachs
  • Health relationship with food
  • Applying scripture to our food and body-image
  • Finding your perfect eating lifestyle
  • Applying Ephesians 6:12 to our body-image

The objective of this topic is to help women in their friendships and love lives so that they are able to set healthy boundaries, apply the gospel and live in the love of others that we’re called to as followers of Christ.

We’ll discuss

  • Loving God, ourselves and others (Luke 10:27)
  • Applying the fruits of the spirit to all situations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Setting health boundaries
  • Setting values and applying them to relationships
  • Healing your relationship with yourself and God and others

The objective of this topic is to help women capture their thoughts and make them obedient to God so that they can stop living with fear, anxiety, worry and bondage.

We’ll Discuss

  • Thinking times to discover the struggles you’re having
  • Apply specific scriptures to specific struggles
  • Taking thoughts captive daily
  • Speaking the Word of God out loud
  • Learning where our thoughts come from
  • How Ephesians 6:12 applies to struggles

The objective of this topic is to help women anchor their identity in Christ and not in what they do, where, look like…. so that they can confidently impact the world around them.

We’ll discuss

  • Who we are in Christ
  • The importance of being vs. doing
  • Discovery sessions surrounding what gifts and talents you currently have and how to apply them