Healing Anxiety Toward Food and Weight

Food and me – It’s one of my greatest anxieties. I’m not sure when my obsession with food began, but I do know that it is where I turn every time I’m tired, sad, happy, celebrating, bored, angry… yeah, so I pretty much turn to food 24/7. Today, I’m beginning a journey to renew myContinue reading “Healing Anxiety Toward Food and Weight”

How Food, my weight & Fitness became my Idol

I’ve always loved fitness.  I’ve also, always loved food!  I confess that I track my fitness and my food daily and at times obsessively.  It’s been on my heart that this is an issue, even an idol in my life. Most of my time is spent planning the next meal (for my family or me)Continue reading “How Food, my weight & Fitness became my Idol”