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Why choose Anchored Female?

We believe that a woman’s strength is a body-mind connection. With Anchored you will transform both your mind and body to walk anchored in all areas of life.

Personalized Nutrition

Female’s nutrition is unique because we required different foods at different times of the month. You’ll Learn how to eat for your cycle, enjoy food and see lasting results.

Customized Workouts

Are you competing in a sport? Just enjoy working out but would like more direction? Maybe, you hate working out but know you should move and need some help getting started? I’ll design a plan perfect for you! One you can enjoy and stick to.

Transformational Speaking

Are you running a female retreat or event and looking for a speaker to help inspire and equip women to shine like the light they are? Let’s connect.

6-step success:
Your wellnes roadmap

I believe that having a body and life we love starts with our mind and radiates in our body, choices, and speech.


Personalized Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive understanding of your history, goals, and lifestyle. This holistic approach, encompassing habits and nutrition, fears, concerns, and barriers both physical and mental.


Custom Movement


The success of any goal is rooted in movement. Our thoughts and our health are connected. Joining the two together leads to faster results whether you are working on emotional health or physical health.thoughts


Establish Goals

Using the S.M.A.R.T model of goal setting. We will come up with a series of goals that are designed to strengthen you – body, mind, and soul.


Mind Renewal


Most of our health issues come from self-hate, self-disappointment, past hurts, and more. It is important to transform our minds if we are going to transform our bodies and lives.


Personalized Programs & Consistent Support

Execution of the plan will consist of a 3, 6 or 12-month training plan with me, your coach. We will adapt your plans as you grow and overcome challenges together.


Optional Quarterly Follow-ups

Everyone’s wellness journey is unique. If you choose you an sign up. for a quarterly meeting to support your continual growth and transformation. This is a one year commitment for as long as you’d like.

Tiffany opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking my body, my challenges and my goals. I feel so empowered to impact my life and those around me

Kate Williams

Simple pricing

Minimal investment,
Maximum results

With Anchored, we believe in making fitness affordable. Enjoy high-coaching training experiences at incredibly competitive prices.

6-Month Plan

This plan is perfect for anyone who already has good habits established and is looking for additional supports to take you to the top of your fitness and mental health life.

  • 2 Personal session/week
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Ongoing performance review sessions

12-Month Plan

This plan is perfect for the woman who is looking to start their wellness journey to improve their wellness performance in life and health.

  • 2 Personal sessions a week
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Foundational nutrition training
  • Ongoing performance sessions

Public Speaking

It is an honor to speak with women through the Midwest to improve their health – body, mind, and spirit.

Women walk away with tools to transform their thoughts regarding body image, fear/worry, food, relationships, etc.

  • Healing from trauma
  • Female nutrition
  • Eating for your cycle
  • Transformational journaling
  • Customized for event

Not convinced? We offer a 100% free consultation where you will leave with three takeaways to begin your plan solo if you choose.