Healthy Bodies Require Healthy Souls

I love Jesus and being healthy. And real health requires both.  After years of chasing and striving to “arrive” at my ideal weight and health – it dawned on me that the arrival will never happen. It’s a journey every day turning away from one way of living and toward another.

I look around at our world today and see young girls and woman who are struggling with this same empty pursuit as I did.  Trying every diet and every exercise plan to only find minimal/temporary results.  In all of our pursuing, we’re hurting our body’s by unknowingly making ourselves sick.  Sick with worry, frustration, self-hate… These negative thoughts are having a direct impact on our physical body’s ability to function as we were created.  (slower metabolism, poor gut health, stored fat…)

All the willpower in the world is empty without the strength that anchoring our health in our Messiah provides.

As you meet me here you’ll learn how to discover your unique approach to health, fitness, and life.   Because we are all created uniquely our approach to fitness and nutrition should also be as unique as each of us.

ONE thing will transform our bodies, minds, relationships…. and that’s a relationship with YAHWEH.

Today I’m committed to living healthy and whole by anchoring all my choices of food, exercise, relationships, words…. in my Heavenly Father. I’d like to use my experiences to support moms as they heal themselves and teach their daughters self-worth, values, and standing firm in who YAHWEH says we are.  I want to inspire female warriors of all ages to live boldly for Christ – living healthy in body, mind, and spirit as a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Journey of Living Anchored as moms, daughters, leaders, warriors…isn’t something we should be doing alone.  Join me for workouts, nutrition, my journey in healing, how I’m leading my daughter and stepdaughters, stories about our grass-fed beef farm, all the lessons I learn from my horses, and how I’m balancing/not balancing it all with a career… The Lord is at work within us and gives us all we need to be Anchored Females in Him.

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