Healthy Bodies Require Healthy Souls

After years of chasing my ideal weight and body image – it dawned on me, who said I had to fit into the body I’m trying to achieve?

With years spent in the fitness and nutrition world and feeling empty, I decided to keep my love for health and wholeness but change what I was focused on. I believe that all women are beautiful and have exceptional worth. I also believe that many of us have forgotten our worth and are in the hunt to remember who we were created to be. As a mom of three girls and a passionate desire for all women to find their true worth I’m here to support all of you to anchor your worth in truth in the following areas:

  • Stop the bondage to weight, food, alcohol…
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Gain parenting support/tips
  • Reshape your self-worth
  • Improve Digestion
  • Decrease worry & anxiety
  • Get personalized nutrition plans
  • Find the fitness routine that’s personalized for you
  • Work/Life Balance Consulting

If you’ve tried every diet and every exercise plan to only find minimal/temporary results, if you feel lost and hopeless about your body-image, if you struggle in your relationships, if you’re a mom who wants support with your daughter’s body image or just how to lead your daughters in this scary world, or if you’re a woman feeling little to no Joy and you’re not sure what to do, you’re not alone – and I can help!

The Journey of Living Anchored as moms, daughters, leaders, warriors…isn’t something we should be doing alone.  Join me for workouts, nutrition, my ‘wilderness’ journey, how I’m leading my daughter and stepdaughters, stories about our grass-fed beef farm, all the lessons I learn from my horses, and how I’m balancing/not balancing it all with a career… The Lord is at work within us and provides everything we need for life and godliness and to be Anchored Females.

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