Anchored Female Wellness

Creating Generation of Women Who Live Above Fear & Anxiety

We are a faith based life and health coaching team committed to pointing people to Jesus and empowering women to live life through choices anchored in Christ.

About Me

My Beliefs

I believe in a biblical approach to healing our body, our thoughts, and our health. I believe that through a lens of the gospel we will live life with more intention, more purpose and a lot less fear, worry, doubt and anxiety.

All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that you may be thoroughly equipped for every good work

2 Timothy 3:16-17

I believe that lasting health and healing can only come when we align our hearts and minds with the design and purpose we were created for. When we change our mindset we change our lives. When we work from a place of love and acceptance we live life in the abundance that God has promised for us. I believe that by anchoring our worth in Christ we will have better bodies, better diets, better friends, better marriages, more purpose, and better lives.

Who I Work With

Young Women (13-18)

You’re full of promise, your amazing, and have a wonderful future ahead of you – yet you may not feel that to be true when the world around you seems to be falling in and crushing your dreams, your character, your passions… Working with me will help you align the toxic thoughts that creep in with the truth that will keep you on mission for Christ and empower you with the strength to stand for truth and value when the world around you may not be.

Topics: body-image, diet, exercise, friendship, dating, purpose, value…

Women (19-29)

Did you know that we don’t completely understand ourselves until we’re almost 30? This means, while you’re making life decisions on what to go to school for, who to marry and how to treat your body and mind – you may struggle and feel stuck for what direction to head down. Working with me you’ll receive support to discover your gifts, talk through big decisions and learn to take care of your body, mind and spirit so that you can live life abundantly.

Topics: college, gifts, talents, self-worth, identity, purpose, marriage, dating, friends

Mom’s of all ages

Mom, what a beautiful job we have right?! But it can also be challenging to know how to raise our kids in a world that seems to be crushing their precious hearts. And if that wasn’t enough, we too have an internal battle waging war on our identity, worth, body-image… Working with me you’ll receive support in parenting struggles, you’ll feel empowered to parent in a godly way as well as learn how to take care of your body and mind so that feel more prepared to parent well.

Topics: self-worth, identity, purpose, value, parenting, marriage…

Start your healing today


  • Support in food/diet related battles
  • Improve body-image
  • Increase self-love/acceptance
  • Relationship growth & development (friendships, dating, marriage)
  • Discover Gifts
  • Improve thought life
  • Stop negative self-talk
  • Freedom from slavery to inner battles (doubt, insecurity…)

Work With Me

I offer one free session to everyone. During this session we will talk about your biggest challenges and you’ll leave with 1-3 things you can begin today to renew you mind and heart and begin the healing you need to get you on the path to life abundant.