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What We Do…

My coaching options have been designed to be customized to your goals while working within proven practices. From one-on-one training to athletic team coaching – every athlete receives the coaching they need to go from tired and weak to strong, fueled, and confident.

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training sessions are for females of all ages who are looking to improve their strength, increase speed, improve sport specific movements, improve body composition, and strengthen mental toughness. (in person or virtual)

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Sports Nutrition

Are you looking to get better results from your current fitness routine? It probably comes down to nutrition and timing of food.

As a sports nutritionist, I focus on aligning your food with your training, goals and lifestyle. Anchor’s approach to nutrition will help you break free of diet culture, eat to improve your performance, speed up recovery, increase your energy, and achieve your personal goals as an athlete. We focus strongly on body image, biological food benefits and developing a healthy relationship with self and food.

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Speed | Agility | Strength | Sports Performance

Protect yourself and stay in the game with our comprehensive guide to female athlete performance. You will improve speed, quickness, agility, strength and confidence. Discover expert tips and insights to empower your training regimen and keep you at the top of your game. Start your performance based program now and unlock your full potential as a female athlete.

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Team Training

Do you coach a female sports team and want to improve their strength, power, speed and mental toughness? Team coaching is specifically designed to improve your teams athletic performance. I offer pre-season and in-season training options to supply your athletes with: Sport-specific strength training, speed and agility performance enhancement, injury prevention strategies and nutritional support to increase performance and recovery.

Each offering above can be a total package or single use option. Contact me for more information.

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Female Fitness Should Be Different

Welcome to Anchored – Where every female athlete learns to anchor themselves in the truth that leads to peak performance in life and sport.

As a mentor and coach, I train female athletes to develop the necessary physical and psychological traits to become great athletes and confident women.

Each program offers information on various aspects of female sports performance like – strength and conditioning, speed & agility, nutrition and fueling strategies, injury prevention, recovery techniques, and mental preparation all while achieving skill enhancing workouts.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a recreational sports enthusiast, a coach of a female team, or someone looking to improve athletic abilities, let Anchored be your go-to resource for female sports performance training.

You Deserve a coach who can:

  • Maximize your athletic performance
  • Transform your weakness into strengths
  • Teach you about the importance of nutrition and a healthy body and mind
  • Improve your speed and change of direction to support injury prevention & performance
  • Develop mental toughness around failures and how to overcome set backs
  • Equip you with tools to fuel pre/post workouts to help support muscle development and energy
  • Teach you how mindset is the quickest way to accelerate performance

Who Can Benefit

  • Female Athletes current or Past
  • Those Looking to improve their mental and physical health
  • Anyone looking for Nutrition support that enhances goals
  • Teams looking to focus on sport-specific strength and conditioning along with the goal of instilling lifelong fit women.
  • Looking to fuel your performance in life and stop dieting

Coach: Tiffany Stewart NASM- CPT

As a female athlete how we fuel ourselves mentally and physically makes a huge impact in our lives and our sport.

I help females of all ages with all wellness goals improve to their very best. We will do this with a unique approach to you.

Reach out today to get started! The first session is free, anyway. What could it hurt?!


All people, regardless of whether they are athletes or not should treat their bodies like machines doing the work that is set before them.

Female Athletes

“Female athletes are built differently. We are fierce powerhouses of deep passion, determination, and strength”

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