Female Nutrition Coaching

Who’s It For?

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting mental health, athletic performance, recovery, and overall well-being. The body-mind connection plays more of a role in your wellness journey than most realize.

I will help you discover the barriers hurting your progress and give you the tools to overcome them. You will learn to create a positive relationship with food that will help you fuel your body appropriately and enjoy the benefits of food for the female body.

Each of these options is available for both online and face-to-face sessions.

What’s Included

  • Optimize Nutrient Intake: In addition to focusing on whole, minimally processed foods, women should ensure they’re meeting their energy demands. You’ll learn about adequate carbohydrate intake. Understand the importance of prioritizing lean proteins. Embrace fats and their ability to protect the body.
  • Improve Sports Performance: Nutrition has a huge impact not only on how our bodies ‘look’ – more importantly what we eat directly impacts our sports performance and reduces risk of injury. Learn strategies to support your active lifestyle.
  • Food and Nutrient Timing: Timing your meals and snacks strategically around training sessions or your menstrual cycle enhance performance. Post-workouts play a vital role in your continued performance. You will learn about both and how to customize your food accordingly.
  • Eating for Your Menstrual Cycle: There is great power in being a female, especially if we learn how to work with our bodies and not against them. Syncing your nutrition with your menstrual cycle can help optimize your hormones and health.
  • Creating Good Habits: You’ll learn how to plan meals, meal prep and create habits that set you up for success.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Your thoughts directly impact your health, digestion, and self-esteem. A breakdown in mental-health causes a physical break down as well. Nearly 80% of all weightloss and health battles require a mental transformation not a physcial one.

Claim your free Consultation

Want to see if Anchored is right for you? I offer a zero-obligation initial consultation. At the end, if you choose not to join Anchored, you will still leave with 2-3 tips to help you take steps to achieve your goals.

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