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When it comes to incorporating the principles of overcoming diet culture and cycle syncing into a sports-specific context, there are a few additional considerations. Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting athletic performance, recovery, and overall health.

Prioritize a positive relationship with food, fuel your body appropriately, and enjoy the journey of nourishing yourself as an athlete.

Here’s how you can tailor these concepts to the sports realm:

What’s Included

  • Optimize nutrient intake: In addition to focusing on whole, minimally processed foods, athletes should ensure they’re meeting their increased energy demands. You’ll learn about adequate carbohydrates that fueling workouts and replenishing glycogen stores. Understand the importance of prioritizing lean proteins. Embrace fats and their ability to protect the body.
  • Timing of meals and snacks: Timing your meals and snacks strategically around training sessions can enhance performance. Post-workouts play a vital role in your continued performance. You will learn about both and how to customize your food accordingly.
  • Adapt cycle syncing to training phases: There is great power in being a female athlete, especially if we learn how to work with our bodies and not against them. Syncing your nutrition with your menstrual cycle can help optimize performance and recovery.
  • Professional Guidance: For athletes with specific performance goals, this program will provide personalized recommendations based on your sport, training schedule, and individual needs.

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