Sports Performance Camps

Who’s It For

Girls looking to improve their sport-specific function and work to prevent injury. Female athletes for ages 10-60.

Our cutting-edge training program is designed exclusively for women who are determined to unlock their true athletic potential and dominate the field. Get ready to elevate your game, leave your competitors in awe, and set new records!

What’s Included

  • Balance – You will learn how to balance doing sport-specific movements on one leg and with resistance. This will train your body how to remain aligned. This improve muscle stabilization and overall athletic performance
  • Plyometrics – This areas focuses on adding power to balance. Examples of these explosive movements are box jumps, single-leg hops, and zig-zag movements. You will train your muscles and tendons how to respond to speed, load and neuromuscular adaptations.
  • Speed/Agility – These workouts will take balance and power and add speed. In this area we will focus on sport specific movements and continue to gain speed as we train our bodies how to adapt to abrupt stops, high-speed cuts and proper alignment at speed.
  • Core Work- The most important part of every life movement comes from our core. The stronger the mid section of our body, the better we are at balance, speed, athletic movements and overall form and function.

Claim your free Consultation

Want to see if Anchored is right for you? I offer a zero obligation initial consultation. At the end of you choose not to join Anchored, you will still leave with 2-3 tips to help you take steps to achieving your goals.

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