4 Ways to be an Effective Mother

As moms, we have a million and one things going on at all times.  I've done many triathlons and running events and have felt the overwhelming physical exhaustion followed by the triumph of finishing a race well. Being a mom is way more exhausting and much more terrifying. Running a race physically, the only thing to worry about … Continue reading 4 Ways to be an Effective Mother

To Inspire Change – Use Goodness

From food  to people, from taste to character - "good" is used to describe many different things, so, when reading about goodness in the bible, I'd always align it with the definitions I use for good - like being a "good girl".  I end up seeking approval from anyone and everyone, hoping they would think … Continue reading To Inspire Change – Use Goodness

Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness

Kindness is easy when we feel like it, but when we are annoyed, frustrated, sad or angry - kindness seems like an undiscovered universe. When the bible talks about kindness, it's not talking about being nice to our friends, because even evil is nice to those they love.  The kind of kindness that comes from … Continue reading Fruit of the Spirit – Kindness