The Real Secret to Weight Loss!

We can’t go far without hearing about the next best weight loss food, pill, drink, diet…Our culture is obsessed with skinny and being skinnier than “that girl.”   The secret to weight loss doesn’t lie within a pill, a diet, or even exercise.  The secret I’m going to share with you today requires more purposefulness than eating right and exercising, it takes a lot more of a commitment – but I promise you, that if you execute this secret and give yourself a bit of time, you will indeed live your best life!  Very few are successful and continue to be unsuccessful in their weight loss and health journey because it does take true focus and work.  Are you ready?  Are you sick and tired of feeling the way you do and want to make a real transformation that will permanently fix your feelings of sadness, unworthiness, self-hate, overwhelming guilt, loneliness….?

The Secret lies within you!

The secret lies within you and your daily life. Do you often feel out of balance with your thoughts and feelings?  How are your finances and your emotions?  Do you like your job, your friends, your family?  Do you move enough, learn enough, be in nature enough?  You will never lose weight or love yourself unless your life is in balance.  Think for a minute, how many times have you been stressed from work and came home to have some drinks, order pizza and eat/drink more than you should but can’t seem to stop? Has life ever left you feeling so anxious that you can’t muster up the strength to go to the gym?  Do you ever feel like life is empty and that you don’t really know your purpose, which causes you to feel low and again finding yourself indulging in foods and activities that only temporarily fix your pain?  We turn to quick fixes that we think will solve our troubled hearts and minds, just to experience the overwhelming guilt that follows momentary grabs for happiness.   I pray and beg that you stop this vicious cycle.

Quick fixes to fix our troubled hearts and minds are only momentary grabs for happiness that don’t last!

The secret to weight loss and living your best life lies in your ability to take care of and be aware of all the areas in your life that influence your strength, self-esteem, confidence, and wisdom.  The areas that you need to care about and that will shape your successful or unsuccessful weight loss journey are Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental and Social.  All of these areas work together in your life and are fully integrated. Each one contributes to your quality of life, and if one of these is neglected, it will directly impact the effectiveness of the others and your overall wellness. So let’s take a look at how…

Spiritual Wellness:  Do you have a purpose to contribute to this world?  Knowing that you’re part of something bigger than yourself leads to ‘life on a mission’ and the ability to overcome challenges.  From actions to reactions, from good choices to bad choices they all flow from your heart and the knowledge you have in seeing that the choices you make allow you the ability to make a difference on a larger scale than just your own life.

Physical Wellness:  Your physical wellness is much more than diet and exercise. It requires you to learn your body and how it responds to foods and exercises that you put it through.  We are all created differently and so following what someone else does isn’t always the best choice. When discovering your bodies needs also cut out smoking, excessive drinking, and empty sexual activities.

Emotional Wellness: This area encompasses optimism, self-esteem, and self-acceptance, positive self-talk…  Being emotionally well includes the capacity to manage feelings and related behaviors.  We’ve all been controlled by our emotions, and know the effects of feeling out-of-balance with them.  Emotional wellness takes work and an intentional focus on our inner dialog and how that impacts our behavior and relationships with others.

Career Wellness: Much of our life is spent in our career so personal satisfaction and enrichment should come from what we do. Career wellness is the ability to get personal fulfillment from jobs or chosen career fields while still maintaining balance in life.  It is also essential to contribute the unique gifts, skills, and talents to work that is both personally meaningful and rewarding to contribute to making a positive impact.

Intelectual Wellness: When you feel in line with life and good about yourself you are able to be more creative and stimulate mental activity leading to knowledge, wisdom, understanding and the potential that lies within your gifts. Your mind should be continuously exercising, more than the body, as you discover yourself and the world around you and to explore problem-solving, critical thinking, and adaptation to change.  Grow yourself through books, podcasts, the Bible, newspaper…  To become intellectually well.

Environmental Wellness: Environmental wellness is about your ability to make a positive impact on the quality of homes, communities, and the planet while understanding the negative impacts of personal choices on the environment.

Social Wellness: The ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships through communication with your family, friends, and co-workers contributes to your social wellness.  Your social network will allow you a group of people to provide encouragement, accountability, love, acceptance and help you be aware of your importance to society.  A healthy social wellness area does not include friendships and other relationships that lead you to do things you don’t want to do or make you feel less about yourself – True friends, boyfriends and …. encourage and support you and build you up – if not – tell them to get lost (easier said than done, I realize, but if you don’t this will affect the rest of your health)

The secret to overall health and wellness is in the balance you find in our daily life

So, if you’re struggling to love yourself, struggling to be a healthy weight – you’re out of balance!  To find true ‘weight loss’ to find the true and real Healthy Happy  YOU – work on all areas of your life.  The more you pay attention to this, the clearer this secret will be to you. I will unpack each area of wellness a bit more and have more tips in Secret To Weight Loss Blog Series.  Stay tuned.

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  1. This was amazing. What a great way to start my day. Thank you 😀

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