Why Love is better than WiFi

Happy Valentines Day!  Researchers have shown that over half of us crave internet access more than chocolate, alcohol, and sex.   So, if looking for the best valentines day gift, it’s none of the above, it’s wifi.  How convenient for all of you who are last minute shopping for the best gift.  Just find a place with wifi, best gift ever!

Love God with all your heart and Love your neighbor as yourself. It’s that simple and that difficult.

How I learned about love…

I’ve always known God in my heart.  As a matter of fact, when I was in 6th grade I wanted to be a Christian teacher. Well, this world got a hold of me, and the path I took from 6th grade to my late 20s is one that I’m far from proud of.  I like to put the blame on others for breaking my ability to love and be loved, but honestly, because I was living of this world I didn’t set boundaries, and I allow people to treat me any way they chose.  I wanted to be accepted and loved so badly.

Sometimes, I think that’s the hardest part of faith, to trust that God works all things out for those that love him. Especially in the seasons of peer pressure, overwhelming self-doubt, and constant temptation.

Well, let’s just jump ahead to my early 30’s when things began to change… At this point, I’m divorced because I married too young, was ruled by my emotions, had some postpartum depression that sealed the deal for my sinfulness to take over and ruin a few lives. After my divorce, my life continued to spiral out of control as I made poor choice after poor choice until the day I sat in my car and begged God to help me. Before that moment I had tried to do it all on my own, too ashamed to even ask God or anyone else for help.

The next week I met a friend who invited me to church with her.  I was slightly afraid I’d burn up just walking in the doors (not really, but the guilt I felt walking in was so intense).  Instead of the guilt staying with me, however, as soon as the music started and people around me started singing, I knew this was the answer to my prayer.  Yes, I kind of felt like the Grinch as my blackened heart began to grow and tears streamed down my face.

See, the world’s view of love broke me, beat and destroyed me.  God’s  love saved my life. Today, that’s the love I celebrate.

Had I only realized sooner that Godly love has power, maybe I wouldn’t have gone through all that I did? Then again, my story allows me to believe and live boldly in His love because I”m humbled by it’s saving grace.  Greed, jealousy, anger…don’t rule over me because who am I to cast judgment on others.  If God saves me, he can save anyone who turns to me.  My friend was the door to my saving grace, and we all can be that door for people in our lives.

Why Love is better than WiFi

  •  It opens up a flow for our prayer requests to be heard
  • Gives us a peaceful heart, even when things are rough
  • Allows for a relationship with God
  • Give us the knowledge and power of the Holy Spirit at work within us
  • Allows us to be a door that guides others to Christ’s Love
  • We become ambassadors for God by how we love others (even our enemies)

If we are saved, we should walk with so much Godly love that we inspire people to care less about WiFi and more about The kind of love that saves lives.

So, today let’s celebrate sacrificial love. Let’s celebrate the love that God has for us, and we have for Him by pouring out love to our family, friends, and everyone we encounter.

If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened – Psalm 66:18 ¦ Watch over your heart with all Diligence, for from it flows the springs of life. – Proverbs 4:23. ¦ Love must be Sincere.  Hate what is Evil; cling to what is Good. – Romans 12:9 ¦ A friend loves at all times. – Proverbs 17:17

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  1. Very well written and I like the comparison of wifi to love. I find it so sad that as women it takes us so long to realize hour worth to the world sometimes. I’m doing that in my 40s

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it! I have to be intentional every day to make sure I’m renewing my worth in the right place – God! iIt takes some strong intentinoality!

      1. Yes it does. I am fortunate to have a wonderful fiancé so completely supports and loves me.

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