The Enemy at work on the Scale

Did you know that constantly eating based on a specific diet is keeping you trapped and allowing a stronghold for the enemy in your life?

Chronic dieting teaches the body to retain fat, slows the rate of weight loss, decreases metabolism, increases cravings/binges and increases your risk or premature death – for the hunt of that “ideal” weight?! Seems like a large risk with a little reward…

Your relationship with food impacts your body’s ability to use food as fuel and slows digestion. Every time you eat and are concerned with the choice you made – you slow down your digestion… mind-body connection is so powerful! YAHWEH created us beautifully to be anchored in HIM – to walk with him in every step and to listen to our bodies. Trust your body to tell you what it needs – we were created that way! Stop classifying foods as food or bad and stop shaming yourself for eating certain foods! Our relationship with food should be peaceful and intuitive!

The enemy want to keep you distracted with chasing the number on the scale, distracted by your self-hate and shame… so that you don’t see the beauty in how we were created, so we don’t hear the Holy Spirit talking with us and pointing us toward the abundant life we are promised in Christ.

Stop looking down at the scale, lift your head, stop dieting and listen to what your body needs.

Before eating or choosing what to eat decide:

  • Am I Hungry?
  • What would help me feel energized?
  • Why do I want a specific food?
  • Who told me the “rules” that are trying to control my choices?
  • What will happen if I ignore what I really want to eat?
  • What food choices will show my body love and respect?

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