What B.U.S.Y stands for

B – burdened
U – under
S – satan’s
Y – yolk

We are so busy every day and as we tell ourselves we are too busy to spend time in The Word and with God – we become increasingly stressed and anxious.

We look at our schedule and it appears there is no way to fit Bible/God Time into our lives – and that’s exactly what Satan is trying to do – keep us in bondage to fear, worry and anxiety – busy doing anything but spending time with God.

If you’re sick of the non-stop busy, sick of feeling rushed, anxious, worried… it’s time to re-examine your God time – because when we spend time with Him – we gain time back, we have more energy, patience, peace and joy.

Don’t let Satan continue to convince you that you don’t have time for God any longer!

Shalom, Friends

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