Changing My Direction

Health and fitness is something I know, I apply it and can use it, but there is something that has been stirring me more than health and fitness – It’s health, encouragement and healing of young women and Coaching Mom’s to discover their healing so that they are empowered to lead their daughters into a confident and bold faith that transforms their lives and their world!

I feel strongly that God is using my broken pasts and pain to continue to grow, shape, and train me for a moment such as this – to speak life into the young women and mom’s who are trapped in the chains of fear, anxiety, loss of identity, and the overwhelming feelings of defeat that is so prevalent in today’s society. I hope to help them see how special and valuable they are so that they can walk in the plans that God has for them and in His Kingdom.

What’s Next

As I talked this out with my husband over dinner the other night it dawned on me – I need to step into the passion I have for girls, young women and moms by finding ways to work with, encourage, coach and support them.

After time spent in prayer I’ve decided to change my direction from only focusing on adults to focusing specifically on teens 13-18, young women 19-29 and Moms. These age groups are the most influential women – Mom’s impact their daughters and the years between 13-29 are the most pivotal and life changing that they will ever go through. It’s important that their lives are anchored in Christ. That they develop the depth of their identity and character and provide them with the tools they need in a world that is looking to steal kill and destroy their joy, peace and hope.

Each one of these groups needs different things which includes but isn’t limited to:

Teens 13-18:
  • Identity and Confidence: Today’s social media me, me, me culture makes many young girls wonder where they fit it, they don’t know their identity or worth and so they lack the confidence to make choices, to say no, to say yes… They need to learn how to discover their identity, their gifts and see their purpose in this world and in God’s plan for their life. They are daughters of The King and the power that the Holy Spirit gives them will set their confidence soaring!
  • Dating and boys: Today’s culture is terrifying when it comes to dating, sex, breakups…
  • Friendships and boundaries: Are the people you spend time with your cheerleaders or your critics? By working with me each girl will learn healthy ways to pick friends and walk away from relationships that aren’t right for their life and health. Relationships are one of the foundations of health – without health in this area – there will be imbalance in almost all other areas of life.
  • School & Work Ethic: Hard Work is something that isn’t enforced in today’s culture like it was when I was growing up. To teach our young girls about perseverance and dedication is vital to their abilities to overcome obstacles and be overcomers
  • Gift and Talent Discovery: “Where do I belong?” “I’m not good at anything.” are common thoughts for teen age girls, heck they’re a common thought for me too. That’s why doing self-discovery work is important to answering these questions. Having a guide/coach in this process will keep girls looking at the positive so that they are empowered by their gifts and talents so that they find ways to practice and apply them. As they practice their gifts and talents they will become more confident and be able to make better decisions for what is the best college and career to enter into.
  • Emotional Health: Emotions are powerful and overwhelming and that’s why having the right tools to help each girl cope with the confusing and intense emotions is so important. Anchoring emotions in truth helps put things into perceptive so that we can rise above our circumstances with confidence.
  • Body-Image: Body-image is probably one of the biggest issues our youth faces right now. Everyone is trying to have a perfect body and the pressure to achieve unrealistic body shape is hurting them on a mental, physical and emotional level that will take years to recover and heal from and that is why developing a healthy, realistic and scientific body-image is key to their long-term success.

There are much more opportunities to support teen girls in living the abundant life they have the right to and that is why the plan will be customized to each

Young Women 18-29
  • College and Career Choices: What college should I go to, what do I want to be, where should I apply to work/college? These questions are huge and heavy. Working with me I’ll ask tough questions, help you work on goals, dreams and pull out the inner melody of your heart to help you identify what God has planned for your life.
  • Dating and Marriage: Dating is always hard and setting boundaries and values within them to ensure you’re with the right person is pivotal to your health and well-being. Who you spend time with transforms your thoughts – so if you’re in a toxic relationship your thoughts will be toxic. Work with me to discover what’s important to you and walk that out in who and how you date.
  • Financial Health/Spending: Being out on your own, making your own money and decisions – it’s an empower and exciting time, however, without the right goals in mind-set debt can soon drown you in depression. Finding healthy and whole ways to use your money and anchoring it in biblical truth will give you the tools you need to walk through life with the the chains of debt.
  • Body-image: A healthy self-image, healthy self-talk and a healthy relationship with yourself is vital to your relationships, your faith, your success… Because when we have poor body-image thoughts our focus stays on internal pain and struggle and we lose the flood of positive hormones we get when we spend time caring for others.
  • Talents and Gifts Discovery: What gifts and talents do you have? It’s a great way to do some work in self-discovery and set yourself up for career and life success by working within your talents. Coaching young women through this will help anchor their identity and give their life purpose.
  • Friendships: This time of life could be difficult as you go off to college or leave college – making friends isn’t an easy thing. That’s why these young women will find practical ways to trust that their personality will pull like minded people to them, to be confident in meeting new people and places to find great, deep and meaningful friendships.
The Powerful and beautiful Women we Call mom
  • Discover their Identity and Worth: Being a mom is a tough business and I believe every mom needs a coach to help them through their worth, identity, health and well being so that the are empowered to lead as a strong and virtuous women of God.
  • Help with Health and Wellness: Weight, food, exercise… it seems to be on everyone’s mind and can lead to being a distraction because of the endless “do this, don’t to that” messages. I help you discover the plan that is right for you – one that fits your lifestyle and energizes you – no more feeling hungry 😉
  • Improve self-love so that they can model it to their daughters: You are beautiful, strong, courageous, loved…. it’s time you live your daily life believing that and I’ll help you discover all that you were created to be so that you can lead your daughters by example.
  • Meal Plans to save them time for what matters
  • How to Speak Life to their daughters: How to listen and speak into your daughter’s life at some of the most difficult or joyous times of their life.
  • How to handle their daughter’s struggles: Emotions are tough and knowing how to walk someone through them is even harder. I’ll provide tips and support to help you through this season.
  • How to apply biblical principles to discipline
  • How to cope with their ‘baby’s’ growth into a young adult and them in the new phase of life that it comes with
  • Tools to apply the fruits of the Holy Spirit to their relationship: One of my favorite topics, The Holy Spirit has transformed my home because I stopped trying to control it and began to ask “what fruit of the Holy Spirit can I apply here?”
  • Warning signs to watch for in your daughter

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