Distractions Conclusion Part 2 – Mustard Seed

Created to Serve/reflect

We are created to serve, so we will serve someone no matter what – so who are you serving? your flesh? other people? Fear, worry, anxiety? your body? Living in this mind- set is burdensome, YAHUAH’s (God) ways are not!

There are probably some of you sitting here today experiencing a lot of heartache and blocks that are keeping you from fully experiencing YAHUAH’s character and love for you. Some of you have been hurt badly by others and some of you may have a broken relationship with your fathers, and my heart breaks for you. A broken heart is the main cause that keeps us from seeing our freedom. From our hearts flow the streams of life, and if there is a block in that stream, it’s harder for life to flow. But YAHUAH is close to the brokenhearted and heals all our wounds – we must only step into his presence. So, if you’re struggling to believe these truths today, I encourage you to give theses daily
practices a try, YAHUAH will surprise you!

Brokenness is uncomfortable, it’s yucky and heavy and scary, but when we try to ignore or block feeling our brokenness, we aren’t allowing it to be used for good or for teaching/growing. We’re missing the hand of YAHUAH in our storms. We are too often choosing our distractions because it’s more comfortable than dealing with our pains, but we must get comfortable being uncomfortable. In our discomfort comes life, character, perseverance… Like a baby chick hatching from an egg, if we assist it, the chick will die, but if it fights through the struggle, its strong and resilient. Ladies let’s turn to our heavenly Father and allow His character to flow through us so deeply that we develop into that exact same character.

I don’t just want us to live the days of my life, I don’t want us to wonder in the wilderness without direction; I want us to be alive and if we must wander I want us to wander knowing that it’s for a reason, that it has purpose and a direction that we can’t quite see yet, fully trusting YAHUAH knows where we’re going and we can fully and joyfully trust His ways. When we go through season of pain and sorrow, I want us to choose to look for YAHUASHA (Jesus) in each situation, because He’s always there. The Holy Spirit is within us and a light for our darkest moments. Like the warriors in the book we talked about earlier, in
the midst of the struggle we must hopefully and faithfully trust and take that next step.

Our Mustard Seed

We covered a lot in this blog series – from our thought life to the situations and people that impact our lives to the good and the not so good, but most importantly I hope you saw how being distracted takes you off course and away from what YAHUAH has planned for your life. I hope you learned that without a relationship with God, distractions will deceive you and lead you away from a life of purpose, that going through struggles is expected but with God in the driver’s seat, He makes all things fruitful.

I want to close today by sharing with you some additional hope regarding a Mustard seed and the importance of watering and growing our faith with the washing of our minds in the Word of YAHUAH.

Scripture is YAHUAH-breathed and profitable for teaching, correcting and equipping us for everything in life (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Since this is true, why would we have the secret to life and joy and peace and freedom, yet let it sit on our bedside table and let it collect dust as we lay in bed crying because life is so difficult, so lonely, so hard, praying for a way out – when the way out is right next to us it’s just silly!

Faith requires action. It requires us to enter His Word daily and to step into the things that we feel He is calling us to, without doubt or fear. It’s better to do what you feel He is calling you to do than to doubt and not move at all. Obedience is always the better choice and He promises to never leave or forsake us – we can trust that promise and move knowing He will feed us, clothe us, comfort us…. We’ve all been given a measure of faith. Not even one of us doesn’t have faith, but with faith comes a responsibility!

Faith as small as a mustard seed, if watered and cared for, produces a tree, a huge tree. Faith grows by using it – use your faith and you’ll watch the distractions and doubts and fears and worries and insecurities fall away because you’ll see YAHUAH at work in everything even the hard, painful, ugly stuff) – by faith we are saved, by faith we are healed BY FAITH. Let’s turn to Hebrews 11.

We will face battles, that’s one of the only guarantees in life. The other guarantee is that YAHUAH is with us through it all and has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3) No weapon formed against us will win, unless we let it by not allowing YAHUAH and His word to be our armor. We can’t go into the middle of a battlefield unprotected, expecting to live, likewise, we can’t go into life without protection and awareness and expect to not be devoured by the enemy.

Our weapons to fight these battles are not found in our abilities or our willpower. All the desire to change ourselves will never be enough, because we aren’t fighting a fleshly battle, we are fighting ones that a far beyond the realm of anything we can handle on our own. It’s YAHUAH who changes and transforms, not us. (Philippians 2:12-13)

So, today we leave with the knowledge of the weapons we’ve always had in Christ.

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