Encourage Minutes

No More Wandering: it has been a long time, sorry for the delay! Life has taken me on quite a journey. The Hills and Valleys have proven God is God more than any other time of my life.

Social Media and Technology can be a great tool – but it can also be a huge distraction that prevents us from being in deep and meaningful relationships with others and our Heavenly Father.
Our Thoughts impact our life, our relationship and our mission in the world to make disciples and be one.
Our purpose, now more than ever, is to make the LORD known to anyone who will listen. That, however, requires us to not be quarrelsome, but kind to everyone and able to hear and teach.
Humility is required for fitness and spiritual growth.

Who are you loving with all your heart soul and strength?
Do you feel like you’re chasing the wind? Like you’re spinning round and round all day long only to end up crashing into bed at the end of the day exhausted, defeated and stressed? Maybe you’re chasing the wrong things?
Don’t let any sin rule over you Psalm 119:133 – Are you taking your thoughts captive or do your toxic thoughts rule over you? Do you allow limiting beliefs and fears create a block to receiving the living water of the Word of God?
Do you have quiet time? I do, but when life gets going I don’t bring my quiet spirit with me. Do you struggle with that too?? check out what God revealed to me today in my quiet time.

This month’s mind renewal has been about destroying the limiting beliefs I have regarding my time, energy and ability – It’s been tough but God has been faithful to meet me in my weakness and show me His Strength. When we struggle with anything – we need to bring it to God and walk directly at it – we need to allow God to work out the toxic places in our lives so that we can live fully for Him.
How are you adapting to the changes in your schedule and demands in the unprecedented time? I share my awakening and hope you gain inspiration too!
Sneak peek at April 7th Webinar plus tips to find false beliefs related to food and how to overcome food choices with God as the lead.
What ‘high places’ do you have in your life that are holding you back from walking out God’s mission? Contact me for free support in discovering your high places.
Prayer is powerful – but do we use A.C.T.S when we pray? Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication

Does your purpose align with God’s or are you trying to get God to align with yours?
The lost art of Listening – Challenge to be aware of how we share God by listening
Too often I feel like I’m not equipped to teach my children about the Bible – but that’s not truth. #discipleship
How does living in fear, anxiety, anger… impact your identity?
Renewing your mind – the key to healthy living
What Anchored Female is all About.