My Homemaking & Waistline Love – Skillet Meals

I spend a lot of time meal planning and prepping.  Often times I sit down in front of Pinterest for 30-45 minutes (maybe longer) trying to decide what we will have and making my shopping list. That is a lot of time spent with very little output and well, I think I could streamline it and use that 30-45 minutes on other things, so I’m doing something new with my meal prepping this year.  I got this idea from one of my favorite podcasters, she suggested that you take all your favorite meals and put the recipe on index cards.  When it’s time to meal prep – take the first 7 cards and those are the meals. Brilliant, right!?

While I’m writing down my  meals, I’m noticing a solid trend for skillet meals!  I’m up to 7 and I’m sure there are more I will discover.  They are all paleo and gluten free so I know we are eating well as a family not to mention they are quick, easy, and delicious!

List of favorites:

Happy and healthy eating! Enjoy

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