The Lies We Believe

Have you ever stopped to think about the lies you believe about yourself? It’s hard to because if we believe them, then to us they aren’t lies, they’re truth.

Discovering my Lies

I went to an amazing woman the other day for some health issues. During our appointment she told me that my health issues were related to a heart issue, not a physical heart issue, but an emotional one.  I was skeptical at first, how does she know I have a heart issue, I don’t think I have an emotional heart issue…

She proceeded to tell me that the lies I believe about myself are hurting my health by causing trouble digesting my food in the small intestine, not to mention the ability for the Holy Spirit to work in my life.  She told me she was going to just sit with me in silence and I wasn’t suppose to tell her anything, that my body would.. again skeptical – until she told me to repeat after her – “I deeply and profoundly love, accept and respect myself – even when I don’t think I’m enough sometimes“.  I started crying as soon as those words came out of her mouth – I was shocked… She told me to believe in my self-love and let the lie go because God has created me to be more than enough. How did she know that was something I said to myself? I have no idea..but she kept going and asked me to repeat after her again – “I deeply and profoundly love accept and respect myself – even when I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes”, “I deeply and profoundly love accept and respect myself – even when  I mess up sometimes“…. she kept going and without me telling her a single thing about myself – she pulled out the lies I was telling myself and replaced them with the truth of God’s word.

Maybe you believe this stuff is possible and maybe you don’t, I didn’t till I experienced it – but that’s not the point of this blog, the point is that you too, are telling yourself lies and they are directly impacting your health and your relationships just like mine. Until we replace them with truth – they will continue to control and damage our life, from the inside out.  “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks” We better guard what our heart believes!

Replacing Lies for Light

We all have been told hurtful things in our life that negatively impact our inner dialog. We take others words as truth without discerning them. I often and probably still will, have trouble not believing someone else’s view of who I am and what I’m capable of.  Sadly it’s easier to just go along with what they say and not do the work in discerning it as truth or a lie.  And this is the beginning of our cycle of negative self talk that needs to be broken.

Emotional health impacts our physical health, our relationships, and our success in life.  Since my appointment the other day, I’ve thought long and hard on the impact that putting light on my lies will have for my life. If I turn to who God says I am and away from who others say:

  1. I’ll have more confidence
  2. I’ll have less worry
  3. My daughters will learn from me and have a healthy view of themselves
  4. I’ll take more risks
  5. I’ll love other and myself more
  6. I’ll prevent health issues
  7. I’ll be able to discern someone’s opinion of me as truth or not (if it’s truth I can receive it and work to improve it – not let it destroy me)
  8. I can see myself as God sees me:
    1. Chosen
    2. Dearly loved
    3. Holy
    4. Forgiven
    5. Created in His image
    6. A vessel for the Holy Spirit to work
    7. Light
    8. Salt
    9. Equipped
    10. Important
    11. Empowered
    12. Strong in weakness
    13. Smart
    14. Valuable
    15. Beautiful

I have a lot more emotional wounds to be healed yet, but now that I’ve experienced the power of putting truth on them, I must work hard at discerning lies vs. truth and replace each and every lie with light.  I need to receive words from myself and others and know how to put them in their proper place.  Know to either work on the stated thing or determine it as a lie and replace it with truth.  The replacement for truth is key to overcoming our lies because without replacing it,  the lie will keep coming back.  We need to put a guard there to protect us.

I encourage you to listen to how you talk to yourself, and ask God for His truth about you. Study his word and do the work of healing your heavy heart and replacing the hateful lies of the devil with the light of God’s word.

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