This Season of Chaos… Is My Perfect Soil

Personally, I am good at time management and organized tasks, but lately, it doesn’t seem to be working.  With too many competing ‘top’ priorities, constant roadblocks, and limited time, I feel like I’m not even close to keeping my head above water, I’m full out drowning.

calm in chaos

Running is always my rest…

Isn’t it funny how we can learn something about us, but when things get tough or overwhelming we forget the exact tool we need to use to overcome our mental crashes?  My tool for overcoming being overwhelmed is running with God.  It always leads me to the peace and clarity I need.  Much of the time when my mind has ‘crashed’ the last thing I want to do is run, but when I make myself go – I come back so alive that I know I can conquer anything – and that’s what happened on my run today.

The Struggles

Life has felt like chaos lately. Feeling the change and transformation in my heart and mind, but my life doesn’t quite feel like it’s aligning with the new priorities that are weighing on my heart.  I feeling very weighed down. The order and structure to accomplish my goals aren’t working and I feel like there are too many want to-dos and need-to-dos and not enough of me.

My career, family, marriage, faith, personal wellness, horse care and home order are all a top priority.  And well, they can’t all be.  Something has to give, but ‘which one’ remains to be unanswered…. Until today’s run when I heard the song – Breathing Underwater by Emeli Sande followed by the motivational coaching saying

The chaos and mess you are in today is perfect of you, the perfect soil to grow you and shape you.  You’re going to get dirty and get mud under your nails, but this mess is Perfect – JUST FOR YOU!

God is Able, I am not – He Will finish the good work he has started

Great change isn’t easy, as a matter of fact, it’s hard, frustrating and confusing.  Ever change phones? Learning how to use all the new features and apps can be frustrating and make you wish you had your old phone back, but if you don’t quit you usually end of wondering how you ever made it without the phone in the first place.

Life is the same.  We’ll face disappointments, let downs, frustration and lots of confusion. We won’t know if we’re coming or going or where to find the answers, but that’s when we need Faith.  We need to turn it on like a “Light” so that we can keep our hope set on God’s plans.  God is able, I am not.  He has started a good work in us and He will finish it! No matter what it is… He WILL


acknowledge him




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