Go Ahead, Make Plans…

Go ahead, make all the plans you want, but it’s the Lord who will ultimately direct your steps – Proverbs 16:1 (TPT)

I love to make plans and execute them.  I also like to make plans and hold on to them so tight that I’m annoyed and frustrated if things don’t go according to those plans.

Reading through Proverbs is really opening my eyes to how much I try to control every hour of every day and how much stress I put on myself to make things go smooth.   As a Jesus loving, God fearing woman I want to give my life to Him and have him guide my steps. Here in this verse, I see that He already is guiding my steps, but I’m so blinded by my pride of time management to see it actually has nothing to do with me – God’s plan is in motion, always.

I find it funny that in The Passion Translation this verse begins with “go ahead, make all the plans you want”.  It almost feels like it’s taunting me or laughing at me.

“yeah, go ahead, make plans – God is going to do everything why are you planning and worrying so much?”

Starting my podcast has revealed to me the power of God doing the speaking and just using my voice and my story, rather His story in my life, to do it.  When I try to control what comes out of my mouth during the podcast recordings, I end up deleting the whole things – when I let him do the talking – I am often times surprised at the things that come out.

I am not able, but God is able

So, we can think that our plans our ruling our lives, but really in everything, God is directing every single one of our steps and working them out for His glory.  I find that to be a huge relief, a burden lifted.  To know all I really have to do is Trust God and lean not on my own understanding, phew – weight lifted.  Now it’s a matter of letting go and trusting – Lord I believe, please help my unbelief.

God is directing your steps and mine every day all the time.  We can think it’s because of our plans, but he is in charge and we need to humbly accept it.  Thank goodness, right!?

Have a blessed day


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