The In-Between Foods

I am not shy about how much I enjoy to eat.  However, one of my biggest struggles is finding what to eat during the in-between times.

I love and find excitement in meal prepping lunches and knowing exactly what is for dinner every night – but fueling my body with snacks that aren’t loaded with sugar, salt or carbs is not easy.

So here are some of my go-to Snack

(shhh, not all of them are healthy choices)

  1.  Nuts with dark chocolate chips (enough to fill the palm of my hand)
    1. This snack leaves me feeling satisfied and full for quite a while
  2. Nutbutter w/ Carrots and Celery (sometimes I even add homemade jam)
  3.  Protein powder in the ninja with some PB2 and ice cubes.
    1. kind of makes me feel like I’m having ice cream
  4. Keto Cheese Crackers
  5. Cucumbers
    1. cuz they are awesome
  6. Hard-boiled Egg
  7. String Cheese

Do you have any go-to snacks you’d like to share?  Please add them in the comments and help keep us all healthy and strong!

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