Heal your Body by Listening to your Inner Orchestra

My current journey and goal are to link weight struggles, self-worth, and wellness success to scripture.  Our relationship with YAHWEH makes all the difference in lasting results for health and wellness.

In doing research and schooling for Integrative nutrition, it’s remarkably easy to see how our body’s design is a strong reflection of how our relationship with HIM is and will be reflected in every aspect of our lives.  So, stay with me as I share part of what HE has been revealing to me.


While reading the book “Intuitive Eating” it’s been increasingly clear how the subtle cues inside our bodies should guide our decisions.  What often happens, however, is that our desires, emotions, and business end up being louder and more demanding than the quite cues telling us when to stop eating, when to eat, what is right for nutrient and so on.

The authors of “Intuitive Eating” compared our bodies to an orchestra.  Each instrument within is created to work together to keep us healthy and, if given a chance the body will know exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.  The problem is that we have a ‘cymbal player’ in our orchestra and that is all we can hear – we’ve lost the melody of our whole internal orchestra and are only focused on the cymbal.

The cymbal, that is a necessary part of the whole, has become the focus.  This cymbal focus is caused by the years of shoulding ourselves in the way of silencing the internal cues of the other parts of us.  For example, we feel hungry – a soft cue – that we tell to be quiet because we ‘shouldn’t’ eat right now, that we should earn it…  We’ve allowed our inner and worldly focused inner critique to continuously silenced our body’s rhythm because we put foods in categories of either good or bad, believe lies that we are not thin enough, because we don’t deserve x,y or z and the list of “melody silencing thoughts” goes on and on. The cymbal, originally designed for good, becomes the symbol of fear, worry, anxiety and an unhealthy relationship with our bodies, our minds, and our lives.

While reading this section of the book THE SPIRIT pointed out the link between the orchestra of our body’s design and the orchestra of our relationship with the FATHER.  Our relationship with the FATHER and SPIRIT in our lives is much like this orchestra described in the book. The SPIRIT is the soft inner voice that guides and leads us just like our stomach and biological needs for food, water, and relationship.  The more we allow ourselves to be distracted by the cymbals of life, self-focus, career… to distract us from the SPIRIT’s guide the quieter and harder HE is to hear, obey, and follow.

Sunday Morning Deepened My Understanding

The great news is that the relationship with our inner self and THE SPIRIT can be restored, which I saw while watching the worship team play. The SPIRIT works in such beautiful ways.  HE is the best teacher and I love to learn from HIM,  HE takes messages from day to day to show the beauty of what HE is trying to teach me.

The worship teams band consisted of the following instruments:  base, violin, drums, guitar, and piano.  As I looked at the stage all I could hear was the guitar and drums, however, I really wanted to hear the violin.  It took some time and strong intentional focus, but I finally heard the beautiful and steady melody of the violin and once I found the sound it was easier to hear for the remainder of the worship time.

Our relationships with our bodies and THE SPIRIT works the same.  We have to be focused and intentional.

We have so many cymbals in our lives!  Career, hauling our kids around, meals, exercise, marriage, relationships… The list of distracting cymbals goes on and on – it’s almost daunting!

It’s no wonder that we can’t hear the internal cues of our bodies that tell us it’s hungry before we are ravaging which leads to overeating and the louder cymbal of self-shaming.  It’s even more clear, now, that with the constant crashing happening around us takes our focus away from where our gaze should always be – on YAHWEH.

When we allow the distractions around us take us out of sync with our relationship with YAHWEH we will find ourselves exhausted, frustrated, depressed, unhealthy, unwhole and very much unachored!

The Success in Our Wholeness/Health

Our success comes from YAHWEH it always has and it always will. HE is our creator and our perfect designer.  HE has made us to work in sync with our internal cues and, if given half a chance, our bodies know exactly what we need, when to stop, and how to fuel the temple that we are created to be.

Without an ability to listen to THE SPIRIT melody within us we will be even more unlikely to hear the bodily cues to help our bodies heal themselves with the foods and nourishment that we uniquely and personally need. (instead of following the crowd/fads – we live in unique connection to our true self as a daughter of the KING)

Our design points to our creator!  Every aspect of who we are, points to the relationship that we are made to have with our Heavenly FATHER.  When we look down and within ourselves and are saddened by the ‘chaos’ around us and the crashing cymbals of life, diet, weight… we miss the beautiful call from our KING into a relationship with HIM.

So, look at your life, reflect on the loud cymbals and distractions that are keeping you from hearing the full orchestra and the beautiful melody of the steady voice of THE SPIRIT within you.  Find your abundant life in YAHWEH.   For a better relationship with food, husband, friends, career, fitness….. The answer is within your relationship with YAHWEH.



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